Snapchat posts lower revenue but adds 12M users for Q4 2022

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Social network Snapchat just reported 12 million additional active users in Q4 2022, and subscriptions to Snapchat+ are also rising. However, business revenue fell short of market expectations.

First, let's talk about users. As mentioned, Snap increased its DAU by 12 million, bringing it to 375 million.

As you can see, the growth of North American users is still flat, while that of European users has slightly increased. However, the "Rest of the World," in particular India, is fueling Snap growth.

That is increasing overall utilization rates and opening up more opportunities. However, it isn't making much of a difference in terms of revenue.

Snapchat growth in North America has been stagnant, nevertheless Snap saw more Snapchat+ paid users.

"In Q4, our subscription service Snapchat+ reached over 2.0 million paying subscribers. Snapchat+ offers exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features, and in Q4 we launched new features such as Custom Story Expiration and Custom Notification Sounds, providing subscribers with over 12 exclusive features."
Although it's a convenient extra source of income, adoption of social media subscription services is typically low (including Twitter Blue). With only 2 million subscribers, only 0.5% of Snapchat's active user base has shown a willingness to pay extra for these supplemental features.

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