Is free Facebook traffic a thing of the past?

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While I cannot say that getting free Facebook traffic was altogether easy, you could have gotten a reasonable amount with some effort. However, with the recent changes that appear to me to be sudden, I can hardly navigate the website as all the groups I am subscribed to, my friend list, my news feed, my posting ability, and the ability to interact with friends have all disappeared. So for me, free Facebook traffic is out of the question, at least for now. What are your thoughts?
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    Well i am agree with you facebook its harder and harder but i think you should still get a little traffic from facebook if you are consistent each day

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    Maybe the problem is not in Facebook directly but in the way people are communicating now? I mean, they've moved their focus from text-based messages to Instagram/TikTok (basically, from communicating to a.. hmm... narcissism?)
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    Competition makes it very hard to be seen today when it comes to anything that's free. If you want measurable results, go for paid traffic. That's my way of thinking now.
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    It is certainly harder than before, as for me I was always focusing on paid methods because I was seeing free methods dying out. Also, it makes sense for facebook to decrease organic reach so they can get more people to invest in paid ads
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    If you are focusing on your niche-only targeted audience, then you can get good traffic from Facebook. If you are just using facebook for enjoyment, then its not beneficial I think
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    There's also outstaffing companies you can hire for that sort of thing. I feel like once you start paying for adverts you eventually pay more than you would with agents for example.
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  • I agree. If you want to get good traffic from Facebook, you really need to pay for ads.
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    I suppose what is the term free anyhow, it is free in terms you dont pay any money, but what you do instead you sort of pay with your time, and that is why it is called free traffic, it does involve hard work.

    Free facebook traffic still does work, anyone who thinks it dosent, hasnt being mentored in the correct way or methods, it seems every day someone wants to add me as a friend, and then a message is there under filtered or whatever facebook messenger calls it, sometimes is the same message i get numerous times, as the program they are in teaches them to do this.

    There is no way that i would ever buy from them, i dont know them, they have never introduced themselves or giving any value to me, its just a really bad pitch and simply it dosent work.

    facebook is a huge opportunity for marketers who do it correctly, it is one of the most visited sites in the world, there is a system that tells you the users and users monthly it is probaly hundreds of millions.

    we have discussed above not how to do it, here is how to do it correctly some maybe helpful tips.
    say you have added some people in your niche for my case its affiliate marketing, and when u send them a message hi bob for eg providing thats their name lol, how are u doing.

    hopefully, they reply if they do, the way i was mentored, treat them not as another number, but as a friend, like you were meeting someone at a bar, they might say just out for a pint, oh so am i, just before i go home, same here, my family is coming soon, ok ive got a family too, find common ground with me, build up a friendship

    and in time they might say i tried affilaite marketing didntwork out, i might say ive got something that worked for me would u like to see it, it is much better than the messages i get on messenger

    so yes free facebook traffic isnt a thing in the past, it can be used to drive traffic, not many leads, as it is a manual method, but high in quality because they are speaking to someone not an ad, i hope this is good value for you, or anyone that sees this, thanks for sharing the post

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    Facebook traffic may not be past. Facebook change their traffic policies time by time..
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    Facebook traffic is not past . but free Facebook traffic can not bring new audience in masses . Only paid ads with targeting can help you
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    fb traffic is not past , it is changing time by time in paid .
    they are promoting by paid sevices..
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    I totally agree with you. It is much more difficult to get free traffic (click) as well as the engagement, impression, etc than few years before. The reasons are: There are almost text information on facebook, too non-informative posts, Facebook itself want to attract more user or merchant to paid ads. What we should do is to focus on sharing informative information constantly, show the value to users, you will get some traffic from the Facebook.
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