How should I go about managing and setting up a clients Facebook assets?

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What would you guys advise doing when the client isn't tech savvy to say the least and can't set up his Facebook assets (BM, Page etc.)? How would you access his account without causing a restriction and suspicious activity and linking your account to his? I tried explaining and using TeamViewer but every time a new thing comes up and it's a hustle to to it every time, so I'm looking for a better way. Thanks!
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    When on Teamviewer, have you tried granting yourself access as page editor on Meta Business Tools?
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    have you added your role to his property
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      Eventually yes. But the question was mainly about clients that never used Facebook or never used it for their business. Since I never create a BM instantly for new profiles to avoid suspicious activity and keep the account strong and safe I'm looking for a method that I can efficiently and safely use to "warm up" and set up client accounts before they even have a BM to which I can get access to.
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    Yes you can do it it's all about your number of clients ..
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