Study: TikTok dominating short-form content

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Unsurprisingly, a recent study conducted by Social Insider shows that TikTok achieved the highest user engagement among short-form video platforms. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts follows, respectively.

Reels had the highest watch time among the three platforms, while brands post twice as frequently on TikTok as Reels and Shorts.

This is despite TikTok's multiple issues concerning data privacy. However, it would be foolish to overlook Reels and Shorts. As mentioned, the former has the highest watch rate among the three platforms.

And of course, marketers like you could use a multifaceted approach: TikTok for viral trends, Reels for high watch rates, and Shorts for discoverability.

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    Tik tok is definitely dominating iin the field of shortbform content . With that being said tik tok needs to update and stream line it's community guidelines to make it more user friendly and pleasurable .
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    Tiktok its best for short content and i think a smart move will be to increase the video duration to 5 minute amd it would learn a lot of people audience atc as many people need long time to create video guides etc

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