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Since its launch on July 5th, Threads has quickly gained momentum and is now recognized as the fastest-growing social media platform in history. Within the initial hour after its release, the app managed to amass an astonishing five million sign-ups, an impressive feat accomplished merely three months after Meta's announcement of developing a Twitter alternative.

And the talk about Threads is that many marketers have already taken a step back from Twitter following Elon Musk's takeover last year. Consequently, that resulted in a 59% drop in ad spend in the US.

So is Threads the new platform?

What is Threads?
Threads is the newest app from Meta. Right now it's tied to Instagram, and is currently only available to iOS and Android devices (no web version just yet). Meta describes Threads as "Instagram's text-based conversation app."

Much like Twitter, Threads lets users post updates, share content (text, images, and videos), and interact with other users via likes, reports, and replies.

How many people are on Threads right now?
Since its launch, Threads has garnered an impressive user base of over 100 million signups. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that the majority of these users have joined organically, without any advertisements being run on the least not yet.

To provide a comparison, it took Instagram a week to reach 100,000 users when it was initially launched in 2010. This highlights the rapid growth and popularity of Threads within a relatively short period of time.

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    Threads are revolutionizing the way we communicate on Twitter, offering a more organized and engaging platform for longer conversations.
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    wow amazing and i cannot longer wait to test it to see how it work for marketing purpose

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    Right now I'm just thinking about how we could make some money using threads. To me it's just like Twitter and feels like one big group chat.

    It would be cool to see where it goes and if it would be able to kill Twitter.

    Whatever the case once we marketers can make some money I'm all for it!
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    Mark vs Elon

    Mark Z saw the perfect opportunity to launch Threads . Threads was probably in the making for a while . The opportunity to launch was perfect at a time when Elon Musk was firing twitter staff , charging for certain privileges , and causing general disgruntlement among twitter users .

    Mark Z saw the opportunity as ripe to launch Threads . So far its Threads that is in the ascendency and Twitter in descent . How Elon Musk responds will be key to the future of Twitter
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    Forbes posted yesterday that Threads engagement is down 70% and other online sites are publishing pretty much the same info....perhaps from the same source?

    Not being in the EU market is a negative - the super high initial numbers are not surprising but the test will be in where it all 'settles' out. Competition is a good thing so now there is more choice for those who use twitter/threads.
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    I don't think so thread is the new twitter but it can be.
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    Threads possess the potential to revolutionize microblogging, offering a more cohesive and engaging narrative on platforms like Twitter. This format allows for nuanced storytelling and deeper connections within conversations.
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