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Twitter just changed its name to X.

The new icon can seen in the top left which used to be the Twitter bird icon:

It's one way to ruin a platform, and another to kill a brand.

Chime in.
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    It makes ZERO sense to spend $44B for Twitter and
    then change the name to X, when Musk could have
    set up for the cost of hiring some developers.

    He has owned that domain for 20 years and used
    it for PayPal and other things in the past.

    He should have left Twitter as it was and turned into a separate platform. Twitter could have
    stayed mostly free and could have been
    the one that charged subscription fees.
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    Musk is a creative person so we will see how this plays out .Musk is testing and applying new alternative methods to see how he can improve the app .
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    Greetings! I hope everyone is doing well. I believe Twitter has improved significantly with the introduction of X! Its intelligent content filtering promotes more positive and constructive discussions, while personalized feeds effortlessly bring together individuals who share similar interests.
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