As expected, Threads dies down

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It's a fad, innit? After a surge in signups and platform usage, the app lost more than half of its users in weeks.

Don't discount having 100 million signups in only 5 days, and is still seen to siphon some traffic from Twitter.

Chime in.
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    Its just another Discord / Slack, the marketing was cool, the product wasnt.....
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  • Yep you are right, Its just a Initial Buz, Lets see, what they do about this.
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    I don't think thread will be down...This is new era of marketing through thread.
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      I have my reservations about this. Threads might not be the revolutionary marketing tool we anticipate. While they offer a way to share information, their effectiveness remains questionable. The scattered nature of threads could hinder coherent communication, possibly leading to disinterest or confusion among audiences
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    100 million signups for a parent that has more than 2 billion users is nothing to brag about.
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    Indeed, the rapid rise and fall of user engagement in such cases are not uncommon. Achieving 100 million signups within just 5 days is an impressive feat, indicating substantial initial interest. However, the subsequent decline in user activity highlights the importance of sustaining engagement and providing ongoing value to retain users. While the app might have initially siphoned traffic from other platforms, it's crucial for any service to continually evolve, offer unique value, and address user needs to maintain its momentum in the long run. User behavior can be influenced by various factors, including novelty, usability, and competition, so understanding these dynamics is key to creating a lasting impact.
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    Achieving 100 million signups within just 5 days is an impressive feat, indicating substantial initial interest.

    Or perhaps only an indication of curiosity and the ease of access.

    Signing up for Threads was as simple as downloading an instagram app and logging in. Aside from the fact that 'it exists' I haven't heard much about Threads at all. I had hoped that all those whining about "X" would just move to Threads....but didn't happen.
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    I don't think it'll go down easily. Yes, there are not many active users of threads as compared to Instagram or any other social media platform but I think they will eventually come up with some unique idea to give a boost to it the same type of boost which immediately it gets after the launch.
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    This a really great post
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    Of course it will die, as it's a poor copy of Twitter. For something to succeed, it has to offer something new. Zuckerberg should know that.
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