Threads tries out editing, account switching, and profile deletion

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Meta's answer to X (or Twitter, depending on your preference) is working on post editing. The example below, pulled from Threads' back-end code by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shows the feature, and would let users edit their posts within 5 minutes.

Image source: Alessandro Paluzzi

For comparison's sake, X/Twitter initially refused to add the tweet-edit feature for years, only to roll out October last year to paying subscribers..

Also, Threads now allows profile switching which means you don't have to log out of Threads and Instagram, and log back in again using a different account. This is the same feature as on Instagram, and is particularly useful for those managing different brand accounts.

Image source: Ahmed Ghanem

Lastly, Instagram's finally looking for a workaround to delete your Threads profile from the Threads app itself. As we all know this has been Threads' key concerns during the early stages of the app.

Image source: Alessandro Paluzzi

That new section explains how to delete your Threads account, which then will remove your Threads data from your IG profile after 30 days.

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