What would socmed in the future look like?

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Do you think technologies like AI, VR, Metaverse, etc would greatly influence the future of socmed? Or would it still exactly be the same?

What are your thoughts?
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    Exciting new technologies like AI, VR, and the Metaverse are set to transform the way we interact on social media. AI can make things more personal, VR and AR can make it more fun, and the Metaverse might create new online worlds for us.
    The impact on social media will be shaped by how we navigate these challenges, so expect social media to evolve, but not remain unchanged.
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    it is very interesting to think about it, i think when ai grows it will be quite powerful when we understand perhaps many will be successfull that would not have been otherwise, have the power at thier fingertips who knows?

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    offering personalized content

    It seems you used A.I. to answer - which means you did not read the forum rules that prohibit posts created with A.I.....

    Think about it - 'personalized content' is what? Ads with your name on them? Is it more 'personalized' to talk to a data collection/data dissemination app than to a 'person'?

    If you are using technology/apps to interact with you on social media...aren't you mostly talking to yourself? If content on social sites is created/provided by Artificial Intelligence....where exactly is the 'social' part?
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  • Rapunzel ansahs:

    Dear Salvation Options,

    Much as I would wish for a hero to rescue me from what is essentially a salad-prompted nightmare, can I please have access to social media in the meantime?

    We can maybe share photos of our SPACE, swap haircare secrets, and link up as voyeurs masquerading as accomplices.

    Right now, I am especially interested to hear about pirate-inspired sailing vessels.

    In particular, the rigging said pirates could fashion into a ROPE.

    I believe I have some considerable way to go with my escape plan, but if I could reach out to pirates in possession of ropes, my hope for freedom might be truly realised.

    For now, I will settle for a global communication platform that might reveal to me how best to care for my hair.

    I am alone, and my hair is all I have.

    It wraps itself around my feet like I am a mermaid!

    Until a voice calls from beyond my window, I am incarcerated forever.

    And yet, what promise would such a voice proffer as would free me from my plight without delivering me to some other salad-free prison?

    So I will run my fingers through my hair for comfort.

    Until the darkest of hours give way to the brightness of days ...



    Lightin' fuses is for blowin' stuff togethah.

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    There would be some difference and I think it would be positive impact like - AI will personalized social media feeds which will engage user more.

    VR and Metaverse will create more immersive social media experiences for example- attending virtual concerts or events.
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    Absolutely, technologies like AI, VR, and the Metaverse are poised to significantly transform social media. They'll enable more immersive and interactive experiences, far beyond what we see today. The future of social media with these technologies will be much more dynamic and engaging than it is now.
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    These are only assistants of humans they will never replace humans.
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    These trends reflect the ongoing transformation of social media into a multifaceted and immersive environment, offering new opportunities for engagement, commerce, and connectivity.
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