Meta to shut down Workplace Enterprise platform

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I never knew Meta had this, but they've confirmed shutdown of Workplace. This platform is a version of Facebook for internal corporate comms.

Workplace was announced back in 2015, and provides the usual Facebook functions but within an internal system that's sealed off from the wide web.

Meta says:

"We are discontinuing Workplace from Meta so we can focus on building AI and metaverse technologies that we believe will fundamentally reshape the way we work. Over the next two years, we will provide our Workplace customers the option to transition to Zoom's Workvivo product, Meta's only preferred migration partner."
Chime in.
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    I just found out Meta is shutting down Workplace, their internal corporate communication platform launched in 2015. Meta announced they are focusing on AI and metaverse technologies instead. Over the next two years, Workplace customers can transition to Zoom's Workvivo, Meta's preferred migration partner.
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    I never knew about the work place function .Where have I been ?
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    I never heard about it. But this is sounds normal nowadays
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    I never heard about it.
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    I never heard about it. However, this is a normal practice in today's society
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  • Meta has announced the shutdown of its Workplace Enterprise platform. This decision affects numerous businesses that relied on Workplace for internal communication and collaboration. Users are advised to transition to alternative solutions as Meta phases out the service. The company has not provided a specific timeline for the shutdown, but it recommends beginning the migration process promptly to ensure a smooth transition. Meta's focus is shifting towards other ventures, reflecting a strategic pivot in its business operations.
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