10,000 social media twitter followers - what should I do with my account?

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I have a business twitter page and a personal one. The business profile has over 10,000 followers but I'm no longer using it. Does anyone know what can be done with the account? What would it sell for?

If interested in helping me out with ideas feel free to discuss them here or pm me.

It is a twitter page based on social media and blogging. I have been gathering followers on it for a few years now, so I don't want to waste it.

Thanks, any advice would be appreciated
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    my advice is monetize it with promote CPA or Affiliate product to your followers.

    Read the forum rules!

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    You can monetize your Twitter tweets by merchandising it to potential sponsors! My website offers such service, see http://thumbtools.com

    How it works: a sponsor finds your Twitter merchandise at Thumbtools.com and selects the item for purchase, they are then to customize the tweet they wish to broadcast and finalize their orders, once their orders are made you will notified about their choice and prompted to approve or deny the broadcast - if you approve the payment is processed and and paid to your account and the broadcast details are tweeted to your Twitter account followers!

    Simply register as a publisher, add your twitter account within the twitter merchandise page and you are ready to sell Twitter tweets! Payment processors are already prepared so you can take payments from sponsors immediately. Purchased tweets are also broadcast immediately!

    If you wish to discuss further, send me message or leave a reply in this thread and I'll respond promptly!

    I look forward to your decision!
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    suggestion, start using it again, don't just spam it with adverts otherwise you'll see those 10 thousand followers disappearing.

    You don't want to click here --> Richard Arblaster

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      Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I just started using it again to communicate with people in my niche. Would like if someone took it off my hands for me though, as my other account has many of the same followers.

      How much could this twitter account sell for? or Does anyone want to use it for advertising space?

      I heard it was against t.o.s to sell accounts but I'm pretty sure I've seen it done.
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      hey joseph7384 .. all of the followers are mostly into Making money online, blogging.. niche

      It's a targeted following, grown organically through a couple years of use along with my blogging website.
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      Originally Posted by opatrao24 View Post

      what country are you in tht souns interesting maybe we could combine and i could use it for ad space to get traffic and mayve some leads
      Mostly U.S.A. please pm me for details sir, thanks
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    Rather than spamming your tweets,

    You can use it regularly when you have time. No Problem how much time you use.

    And also you can earn good money by using that account, if your followers are active followers. If clients thinks that they are getting good leads through your twitter account. They will pay you regularly for tweets ads.
    Download Good Morning Images Here
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    looks like a fiverr gig waiting to happen
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    Use that account again. Twitter is the second largest social network next to Facebook making it a good place to advertise any of your service. Losing 10,000 followers is a big deal knowing that there are thousands of twitter users who are dying in looking for followers. Be active again and interact with your connections.

    God Bless,
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