how to get 100 k facebook fan with in 1 week or more quicker ?

by artion
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Any one could tell me any way to get 100 k facebook fan with in one week or less time ? Whats the quickest way to get facebook fan ? Fellow user please give me advice. Thank you.
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      Originally Posted by Jimmy Mailhot View Post

      Buy a page already made for 4000$ or buy fake fans for 1$ per 1k fans. There's no way you can get real fans that fast.
      thx..can you share some links ?

      whats up

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  • May be you can fine somebody form Fiverr. but 100k .. not sure.

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    Why would you want a fanpage with 100k in one week. The only way you could do that is with fake fans so there's no point.

    If you don't want to put in any work you won't get any results.
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    Its highly unlikely to get that much fans in one week time


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    Do a contest like "Help my page get 100,000 fans" and use FB PPC to get ball rolling.

    Other thing is does it have any sense because fan engagement counts and if you have 100,000 fans and just some likes on posts then it looks weird.
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    Good luck. You will need a PPC campaign and a HUGE budget. Nothing is impossible, but anything worth doing is going to cost: 1) Time or 2) Money.
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      Why do you want 100k followers so fast?
      Philip Dwyer
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    I've seen some people do this, instead of spending $100 bux on 100k fake fans, they would offer some content on their page, and you have to "like" it, to get it for free.

    If it's something most people are interested in (hint: do a google keyword search for what things people are searching for, or look at Google Trends

    If you can pick something that's hot and makes people take notice, you can start catching on fire....
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    Do something that everyone is interested in but no one has done yet. Then 100K will be a small number.
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    I can tell you how))) Sharing with you my MAIN Secret! Set the sexy lady on the avatar in FB, call your self something like Lina BIG BOOBS and get PROFIT))
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    In my experience this is going to be very hard. Fake fans are not worth anything to anyone tbh. Now if you make a page that goes viral it can be done. You need a good concept and then buy updates from large pages to get the ball rolling.
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    I don't think there is a legit method to do so, only black hat.

    You can buy fake fans or use fan exchanges, but in any case I don't think you can convert them afterwards.

    What's the point to have so many fans if you cannot do anything with them?
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    What's the use of getting 100k fans in that less time, especially since all you will get is a bunch of fake fans.. It would be better to set realistic goals and then work yourself towards achieving them in a much more systematic pattern
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    I would take 1,000 real fans over 100,000 fake fans anyway.
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    It is hard but if you have Viral Applications and Scripts then it is possible.
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  • Stand in the middle of Times sq or another popular city with your fanpage tattooed on your buttocks or try to get in front of a news camera filming outside, better still use a topless model, that may do it...see there is always a way now
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    What would you even do with 100k friends? I have enough trouble keeping up with my measly 350 friends.
    Philip Dwyer
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    youlikehits or fiverr!
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    That's possible. I made a fan page and it grow to 180k fans for about 10 days. Secret is viral application. And all that peoples are real, not fake.
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      Originally Posted by hajro View Post

      That's possible. I made a fan page and it grow to 180k fans for about 10 days. Secret is viral application. And all that peoples are real, not fake.
      Where can I get this app?
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    Yeah you can do it if you have the budget and put things on automation like fan likes and posting and games and apps... It can be done but the fans are going to be low quality and or fake...the time constraint is the real problem. 100,000 over a year would be a much more responsive platform!
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    unless you spend lots of money on adwords, its not going to happen.
    i used a very vital and high searched keyword as my facebook page, initially i advertised it to my friends etc for a week, when i reached 50 fans, i left and trust after a month i had 1400 fans , all of them real , i make almost $300 / month from them.
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    Hi do an ipad giveaway
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    Real fan is not like product that can be purchased so easily, it needs cultivation.
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    I have bee using FB, but I just got 100 of fans only.
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    Get super extremely lucky that your page goes massively viral.

    There's no technique to 100k fans in a week. It's not possible without a substantial amount of luck.

    But as everyone above said... Why would you want that many fans that fast?

    You won't be building a page that actually wants to hear what you have to say if you happen to achieve this mighty task.

    As Mukul Verma said above... 1,000 real fans > 1,000,000 fake fans.


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    Like Trevor M has mentioned, getting 100k supporters in a week depends primarily on luck. No matter how useful or popular a page has the potential to be, going viral on Facebook is really in your hands.

    Having said that, why exactly do you want so many fans on your page? You do know that if you want so much traffic so quickly on your Facebook page, it is not going to be targeted traffic, and probably not even real traffic?

    You should consider Facebook advertizing and Facebook marketing to get people who are actually interested in the contents of your page to like it. Before you do that, make sure your page has likeable content already there, tempting people to like it!


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  • There is no point in getting fake fans for the sake of it, in reality this is just a vanity measure. The whole point of a fan page is to allow you to interact with people who are interested in what you have to say.
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    If you want 1Million Facebook fans then there is only one solution. You buy Facebook fans from selling website which gives you maximum fans.
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    Originally Posted by artion View Post

    Any one could tell me any way to get 100 k facebook fan with in one week or less time ? Whats the quickest way to get facebook fan ? Fellow user please give me advice. Thank you.
    In the past, my client asked me to use Facebook FriendAdder to get facebook fans in the way you want. Moreover, my client also asked me to create other facebook accounts to join many facebook groups and even he provided me with facebook accounts which he bought from other sources. Of course, we can get a great number of facebook fan in a short time. Most of them are true fans because we joined many groups in facebook and posted many true comments. Hope that my real experience can help you choose the method you want.
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    I achieved 100k fans within a month, with simple two steps.

    First I started PPC campaign with budget under $300.
    Offered 2 incentives, iPad and iPhone.

    I purchased bunch of video reviews from fiverr. and It worked. My fanpage become fully viral, and I already have 200k+ fans, but... There are bunch of people ( in my fanpage ) who just looking to get something for free, so sell to them is hard, but CPA offers works quite good.

    Anyway - If you don't want invest, I don't think that you're going to achieve that many fans, unless you're popular in YouTube so you can try do it with free methods

    Good luck
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    You do it in slow pace manually, unless you want to buy fake likers.

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