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Follow back rate will range between 0.5 -1.5% depending on the contents of the article, your image.
This tips use the sript.
Step by step:
Step 1:
iMacros cho Firefox
iMacros cho Google Chrome
But I think you should use Chrome to run, fewer errors on firefox
Step 2: After installing the add-ons to the browser, you download this code:
Copy PinterestFollower.js file to My Documents\iMacros\Macros
Now you on Pinterest, select an account that has many followers, click on their follower tag, so all of their followers appear. Click on the icon iMacros browser.
You fill the box number to follow max and press play. According to my experience is just about 200 people, you stop 15-20 minutes. Then continue. One day is around 700-900. If you do fast too, can be banned for several days, one can not follow.

Note: While using the tool you should use a different browser to surf the web, fault tolerance.
Source and Video: Auto follow tool on pinterest : SEO/SEM Talk
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