Social Media, is there a way to post to several sites together?

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Just learning a bit about all the different Social Media sites out there and it seems to me that the more you are a member of the better, to increase your marketing presence. Surely there is a way to make a post and send it to several sites at once, rather than go to each on individually? Anyone know any good sites/applications that do this?
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  • Profile picture of the author Manjeet Banger has a service which allows you to post to a number of social media sites, just add the accounts you want and of you go.


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    Yea Man Send A Website/Link To Different Social Networks Like Twitter, FB , Linked In!
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    Guys that is a great information. I was looking for a tool like that for a long time. I use hootsuite or marketmesuite the free vresion but I cannot add a lot of social media and social bookmarks. Thank you for the information.
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    If you're only using Twitter and Facebook you can integrate them so that every time you send a message via FB it automatically gets tweeted.
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    Ping.FM is the daddy here ad there are a few variables that you can set up as well.

    ie:variable #1) post to tumbler/blogger/wordpress
    variable #2) post to twitter/
    variable #3) post to facebook/furlit/bloggerbase/

    From the user interface you can link multiple blog sites as well as micro blog sites and status update platforms.All the major ones are included. / Update all of your social networks at once!
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      Try MarketMeSuite, it's a fantastic service.
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    Ping has not been updating their service lately (eg. They still have Google Buzz on the site instead of G+).

    You might want to also check PixelPipe, Onlywire, and/or Social Marker. Onlywire is $2-3 per month roughly.

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    Check out there is a free version and it allows you to post to the big social media sites at the same time (facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc.). Hope that helps!
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      I second hootsuite. It allows you to manage multiple social media accounts without leaving the dashboard. It's worth checking out.
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    I would also go with hootsuite since I have been using this tool regularly to post to different social media sites. It also have some additional features like you can schedule your messages accordingly and have a track of people talking about you.
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      I use

      In addition, I use a facebook app called, RSS Graffiti. It is pretty awesome and pulls in a bit of my blog posts to my FB pages when I make a new post.

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    I use the hoot suite to send to the social network, also used which expands what hoot suite can offer and connect to.
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    Not forgetting tweetdeck.
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    The best option is
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