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Hey all, once again. I first want to thank everyone here. I love the community and have learned alot while being here.

I started a new youtube channel about gaming and just got my first video up. Already got it around 150 views in 30 mins by putting on two forums and digg.

Seeing that I'm new to the Youtube niche, what are the main ways you would recommend spreading a good video people will like?

Forums seem to do good at the moment and when I helped my friend with his videos in the past.
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    so this channel is going to be an authoriy channel right? where you will be updating regularly ? If its an authority channel , just slowly build a fan base by adding more videos. People who watch will subscribe.

    As in a good video to spread. it really depends.

    And if you're active in related forums add your channel in your profile there or something.

    No real way to do it. If you are aiming to get one video that hopefully goes viral.. There are many view services in the market today,(be prepared to pay quite abit of money upfront) just make you you monetize it or something before spending that kinda money.

    I am pretty much into alot of games myself and I normally subscribe to those who regularly update their channel

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    Yes I will be adding a minimum of 2-3 vids a week.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    Just adsense. This is really just a side project and I am not expecting anything.

    “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort

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    Use social media traffic to make the video viral ...
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    Go to fiverr.com and pay someone 5 bucks to send your video to all the channels in traffice geyser.
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    in that case, go to fiverr.com and pay someone fve bucks to build backlinks to your videos... !
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    Make good tags, get some free traffic from Vagex and Enhaceviews. That will get you a better position on the search and recommend you to other users.
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    150 views in 30 min is good... You'll have your following in this niche...

    About fiverr. If you post videos every other day, then video distribution and backlinking could become costly even through fiverr...
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    Reply to other related videos, hire one of the Reply Girls to promote your stuff...reply to the Reply Girls. Good luck and I hope your views won't suddenly drop due to the recent changes.
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      I find twitter is best place to get alot of youtube visitors traffic becuase the young crowd is really into youtube more than TV itself.

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    I am spreading my videos on multiple sites and getting good amount of traffic.
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    Some thing you can do on Youtube itself:

    -Comment on other videos and channels
    -Subscribe to related channels, they may subscribe back
    -Send bulletin updates to your subscribers

    Also, makes sure your tags are really good. You said you've promoted it on forums. Go on some more gaming forums and promote it round there too
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    I would not monetise with adsense, better to send people to a click bank gaming product or even better create a squeeze page, where you give a gift in exchange for an email address,so you can build a list of potential customers, also make it personal, try to develope a concept and post a new video at least once a week. Invite other youtube creators, by posting a positive comment about the video they have created encouraging them to do more good work, and they'll post back and will favorite your videos

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    I suggest the best way to spread your videos is to build a high authority channel. This way you will guarantee raking in first spots in the natural searches. You can do this by building your subscribers list as well as commenting in high PR channels. In the long run, this will be the cheapest and easiest way to spread all throughout. Hope it helps!
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    fiverr social bookmarking gigs.

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    For promotion you can make ppt videos really helpful in seo. It will increase your visitors also get some relevant keywords for that.
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    I am starting a gaming channel and am trying to start uploading every day my channel is sector910ify
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    Build up subscribers, this is the best way to get consistent views. How do you build up subs? By posting videos often and getting the videos out to as many eyes as possible.
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    Facebook, twitter, instagram, just social networks in general would be a good way to start.
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    All good stuff. Don't for get stumble, reddit and gamming/gamers forums!
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    In my opinion one of the best ways to grow your business via social media is to "bomb" your fans from every angle possible, meaning linking together youtube, facebook, blog etc.

    Example: you have a youtube video: you post it on facebook (even better to upload it there as well), in the description you can link your facebook page and also your blog or any other forums you are in.

    "Never, Never, Never Give Up" /Winston Churchill

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    StumbleUpon might be another way to get views for your video. Also, submit the video to more popular blogs in your niche so you can get exposure. Some bloggers might be looking for your type of video to place on an upcoming post and if it's relevant you could get published on multiple sites.

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    Go to fiverr.com and pay someone 5 bucks to send your video to all the channels in traffice geyser.
    I agreed! You can also upload your video on many high pr video sites like: dailymotion,flikr,flixya etc etc it'll help you to get more viewers to your video or channel.
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    This is a 2012 thread, cmon guys...
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    This is what i do with You tube videos.

    1) I optimize them and make them appear in Google for chosen keywords. It helps me in long term to generate more views and in return generate more revenues.
    2) Initially when I upload video on you tube, I share it on my personal Face Book profile and politely ask my friends to share it with their friends. This tactic alone give me more about 1000 views in the first 2 days to my video.
    3) On 3rd day I will post that video's link on all my fans pages and in return my video view will reach to 4000-5000 on 3rd day. (I have 60+ fan pages)

    These 3 steps give me a good start to my videos and the optimization done in the video description will bring me more views in long term.

    Hope it helps.
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    This is already a very good result, 150 views in 30mins. I am struggling myself on how to have more views and just started with forums and blogs. It is really hard for me because i don't have budget yet for paid ads. Keep up the good work.

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      I also have been trying to find the best way to spread my new channel. i've spread it through alot of media. give it a look. T-NovaGamer - YouTube
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    Share to game lovers, use facebook to spread your video. Share on Gplus, join a community who love the game.
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