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Should I have a unique user account for each website?
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    I think it would make sense to use the same username for different Social Media platforms and it has to be your real name where you can.

    I hope that's what you meant, your question is not that clear.
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    • Hi,

      It really depends on the niches of your sites.

      If you are going to get a following by posting about the websites, people may be interested in niche 1 but might not be interested in niche 2.

      If all your sites are closely related then one main twitter account is fine, however, if your websites are not related then I recommend different social accounts for each site.

      I hope that makes sense.
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    It totally depends on the niche and the nature of your business and also the number of niche and the businesses.

    However, it is wise to keep one unique account in your name.
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      I always use one single name or persona across my accounts just so that people can add me on their other accounts. Just my two cents..
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        If all your accounts have the same name, you are going down the road of becoming an expert.

        Everywhere people look they will come across your name.

        The downside is that people expect a person to be expert in only one niche. Trying to convince people you are an expert in more than one niche usually lessens your credibility.

        If you are after social proof rather than credibility, then having different account names will make it look as if different people are recommending you.

        It comes down to what you want to achieve.
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    I would go with just one unique user account for each website.
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    I would personally use the same name so it's easy to remember them all and maybe people from other sites would recognize you on that one.

    Skype: Coreygeer319

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    In order to look credible you need to have one user for each site
    It is important that you create a voice for the brand
    Also by having individual user you can segment your audience and
    send promotions that will be value to the consumers

    My suggestion is to also automate the process by using syndication tool such as tweet deck , hootsuite or sesmatic as this will save you time

    If you need any other help just pm and I would be happy to further help you

    If this helps and good luck

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    Your Business Eye

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