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Hi warrior
There are so many of these sites. I also added a few more that only offer a specific type of traffic/whatever (ie Facebook only, YouTube only).

Enjoy! Try to guess which one is mine

Multiple Social Media Outlets
YouLikeHits - Free Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribers, Website Hits - 50 coin sign up bonus! - Get Likes, Subscribers, Followers, Views and Hits . Easy registration, 100 points at start and daily 100 bonus points for active users. Start Promotion Just Now and invite all your friends to join AddMeFast.
SocialClump - Grow your YouTube and Twitter
Welcome to Gofanlike Free Image Hosting, a free image upload solution. Simply browse, select, and upload!
dizzle. Make the web a better place.
Earn More Followers
I Like Traffic | Get Free Traffic, Fans, Friends, & Followers

Twitter Only
Grow Your Twitter Network - Twitter Followers, Users & Apps Directory | Twiends
Let Get More Twitter Followers | Get More Followers on Twitter | How to Get More Twitter Followers
PlusFollower - Get more twitter followers free - Get More Twitter Followers Free Everyday - Get More Twitter Followers - Get More Twitter Followers

YouTube Only
Free Youtube Views | Buy Youtube Views

Facebook Only
Facebook Like Exchange
Get Youtube Views and Youtube Likes. View, Like, Exchange. Join FREE! - LikesPro
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