Which Social media drive target visitors to site

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Just started a alternative health website.

Thinking of working on social media to bring visitors to my site

I am thinking of using twitter,FB,G+,Linkin,Pinterest,Digg,Stumbupon.

Which one is worth focusing my effort and what are your experiences with these sites?

I discovered that there are so much changes to these sites and they are no longer the same.

Love to hear from your view

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    Since your niche is Health&Fitness you can get a lot of traffic from women driven Pinterest. And obviously Twitter for every blogger.
    Further instead of devoting time to Digg and StumbleUpon try doing guest posts to your related blogs. Guest blogs really work a lot.
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    There are lots of social media sites are available but I think three social media sites are more helpful to attract more and more traffic.

    1: Facebook
    2: LinkedIn
    3: Twitter
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    I would go for the guest post too. Since Timeline's came along Facebook is crap for driving traffic from pages.
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    Your Theme is Health .So you will get good Traffic from FaceBook..
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    Originally Posted by aaronngoh View Post

    Just started a alternative health website.

    Thinking of working on social media to bring visitors to my site

    I am thinking of using twitter,FB,G+,Linkin,Pinterest,Digg,Stumbupon.

    Which one is worth focusing my effort and what are your experiences with these sites?

    I discovered that there are so much changes to these sites and they are no longer the same.

    Love to hear from your view

    Don't forget about YouTube...

    In my opinion, they have the most potential to create viral SM traffic that'll blow your mind.

    After that I'd go with FB, Twitter and of course Pinterest.
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    I would say Twitter and Facebook contributes alot of traffic to the site.
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    Yes as Griffin said Youtube will definitely ROCK!

    I just checked out your blog and I have to admit it man "I LOVE YOUR BLOG" The site design is simply awesome; enough to hook up a visitor.

    Design Tips (Though you have not asked for. But I really think you should take a note since I do believe your blog has the potential to make million dollars)
    1. Rename your Blog's homepage title
    I am not asking you to rename your Blog but naming your page's title. When I log in to your site, what I could see is the blog's url and not the TITLE. This is drastically going to affect your blogging journey as your title is neither going to show up on Google results nor on the RSS subscribers.

    2. Kick out that Adsense
    Let's be clear upfront: your visitors are the ones who need solutions to their problem and undoubtedly they are going to buy any recommended product from you (as long as they have trust on you). When you've got buyers ready to spend dollars, then why bother them with mere $1 ads? Further who would like to see his hard-earned precious bloggers go away by clicking a simple text ad?
    So first thing first: Remove that adsense bar. This is seriously going to affect your blog. Instead put a email subscription box and focus on list building. And if you are having difficulty in isolating that Adsense baby away, then push it to the last of the sidebar.

    3. Make your Header more attractive
    Either hire a cheap designer over Fiverr or Do it yourself. While you are still struggling to decide which option to go for, I would suggest you to enlarge your header and fit it over the screen. Just a block of text at the left does not appear attractive.

    Hope you'll keep that in mind.

    And one more thing, you don't need to engage on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is full of professionals looking for Marketing, Career, Business and all and I don't see your niche has to do anything with that.
    So, just stick to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Guest Blogging.

    All the Best!
    Money! Money! Money!
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    The most powerful social network to me is Facebook & Twitter, it's quite hard to choose which one the most powerful...for me...they're both equal. You can consistently drive traffic through it if you have a well maintain account for each of them.

    The other two are Google+ and LinkedIn

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    I would certainly vote for Face Book and You Tube.
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    I would like to suggest you that you need to concentrate on facebook and youtube. These two sites are excellent social media sites in order to promoting any site. You would get lots of traffic in your sites. You can try other popular social media sites as well.
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    I am happy that you have chosen social media marketing to promote your business. Twitter, Facebook and linkedin are the best place to promote your product on;line. The best way to succeed in social media to make an effective strategy based on customers and their requirements.
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    Hi Aarongoh!

    Based on observation and experience, I advice that you go with Twitter and Facebook for spreading your brand awareness and LinkedIn for acquiring customers.

    Build your network and credibility in Facebook and Twitter. Focus more than quality rather than quantity. Start building your network with your friends and explain to them in detail the benefits that they can get on your product or service. Educate them so that they can properly educate too their potential referrals.

    In terms for possible business ventures and negotiations, go to LinkedIN and you will find many credible businessmen which you can talk and seek advice from. The great thing about LinkedIn is that you are directly negotiating with the owner of a certain business.

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    In my opinion Youtube and Facebook drive the most targeted traffic. It depends how you are promotion your social media.. You must optimalize it all. You can think of doing AdWords for Youtube and Facebook ads to get more targeted traffic.
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    Just a quick tip about Twitter, make sure you curate other relevant content as well - Don't just tweet your own stuff. Find some good posts on your niche and share them. I use the schedule feature in Tweetdeck to set up tweets of relevant content I've found to tweet through the day and then interact with people live as well.

    Look for twitter-chats to join as well. They generate new followers and traffic if you contribute to the discussion.

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    I would recommend Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest. They are very popular these days. And try to make your page creatively. And make some interesting posts that will pull them to click on your link.
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    If it comes to targeted traffic you'll get it from Facebook..
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    I like LinkedIn out of these the most for the simple fact there are targeted groups for any niche you are in and most of the groups are active.
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    Facebook is obviously the best, but it wouldn't hurt to test and experiment with multiple sites.
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    I would prefer facebook, twitter, my space, friendfeed, and stumbleupon. Reddit would be great as well.
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    Facebook, Twitter, etc. Are just channels. They are only a means of communication like television or the radio.

    What matters is how targeted your campaigns are. Highly targeted campaigns on any social media will yield high quality visitors

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    From my google analytics results, I would say Twitter and also stumbleupon that usually pointing readers to my site.
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    1. Linkedin


    Right Click, copy and personalise that FULL url to be one of your own - in your browser.

    2. Youtube

    Submit Your Channel to Pingler.com etc - http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/USERNAME/videos.rss
    Submit Specific tag feed to Pingler.com etc - http://www.youtube.com/rss/tag/YOURTAGHERE.rss

    3. Document Sharing Sites such as


    Upload documents containing keywords and backlinks to your relevant page
    this will generate backlinks and traffic, more importantly if you keyword research the document title, description and tags - you could be on a role.

    remember that Linkedin bought slideshare and now allow you to integrate your slideshare docs automatically into your linkedin profile, and it gets better...

    ...for yu can also integrate VIDEOS into your slideshare presentations and add them to your linkedin profile WITHOUT HAVING TO UPGRADE and pay to do so.

    Hope that helps, and gets you thinking (and doing)

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    I have a Face Book Marketing Free E-Book Download that you can get to help with this marketing. Click Here
    Also Here is a Free Twitter Marketing E-Book Click Here
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    all social media networks can drive targeted traffic facebook , youtube, twitter,.... etc
    it's depend on get targeted followers , fans or subscribers
    specially if you are using facebook i prefer Video Sk for you it will help you to make double conversions
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    Tumblr and Pintrest will be big platforms for you.
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    Pinterest is really a great social channel for you. Then you can use Facebook. Rest are just for your website visibility.
    I have shared my Pinterest tip here..http://www.warriorforum.com/social-m...ple-steps.html
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    Just 1 comment about Stumbleupon: It's a waste of time. It's just traffic from people who're fooling around.
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    would say reddit depending on which sub you post in.
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    Yes, social media can really help you to get traffic to your website. It does not depend upon your niche, you can create groups related to any website niche on social media. Add health and fitness related people. Make your post attractive and redirect visitors to your website.
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    this topic is almost 2 years old but all those social media are still good to use. all you have to do is to work hard and you can attract visitors from any social media site.
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    I suggest that you use Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest because you can create infographics for exercises or fitness tips that can be shared or repinned.
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    Only twitter, pinterest and Google Plus can drive targeted traffic to your site.
    Use #tag (#your keywords) when post in twitter and Google Plus and make related images, infographic when post in Pinterest.
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