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by heresy
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I want to be able to analyze a given Twitter's accounts Followers OR the accounts that account is following, and isolate the accounts that have certain keywords or keyword strings in the account's bio section. The tool could also do a separate search type and isolate accounts that have certain keywords that account's recent tweets.

For instance, I would like to get all the followers of a Social Media guy like Sean Malarkey who has a 100,000+ Twitter followers. The tool would look through all of Malarkey's followers and tell me which of them have the word "realtor" or "real estate agent" in the bio section. The tool would then allow me to export a list of just the accounts matching this keyword criteria into a TXT file. All I would need is having one Twitter account name per line for me to be able to import such a list into Tweet Adder.

Any ideas?
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    Well i don't there is any tool that is able to analyse the profile of a follower or the person you are following. No ideas sorry.
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    TweetAdder has this

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    I'd recommend using tweet adder it has really amazing features.
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    I have heard of Twiangulate which is an interesting tool you may want to check out. The trick is you have to go to Keyword, then Bio Search is behind that (might take some looking around). Whatever you search, this tool will find the matches in username, bio, and city. As far as I know, there's no way to filter results by bio matches exclusively though. Hope this helps

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    The tool doesn't exist.
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