Any One Uses Pinterest?

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My pins are showing in the wrong category. Any one knows how to make them show in the kids section. The site's help section wasn't too much help.
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    I think you need to make sure that you have a kids category in your own account and then pin them to there. I could be wrong. I'm not sure of the exact terminology. If that does not work, at least keep experimenting with it.
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    Create a new board, and call it kids corner, or something like that. Then pin your pictures to it.

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    You have to make a new board and it will work fine . there is no pre existing category
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      Remember, you can use hashtags on Pinterest.
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    I am starting to find search results with these pages ranking pretty well. From a user point of view they are a pain in the ass as I couldn't find what I was looking and just closed the page down.

    The pages were far too busy, whenever I see them in search results now I skip them.
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    yes, you need to create a new board, if that category does not exist. This should do the trick
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    You need to create a new category as KID and then click on add url and submit your url and then choose kid category. and pin it.
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    If there is no such category, then you need to create a new board and name it with a related name like Kids Point, and then add pictures to the same. It will work like anything.
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    Same answer. You need to create a new board for it. Is anything fine now TS?

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    Nope, I don't use pinterest yet.
    but I'm gonna join there as soon as I can.
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    Yes, please go ahead and make a new Pinterest board and add all of the post there within that category
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  • The problem will be solved once you create a new board. I think you may tried this already.
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