Facebook Non-PVA and PVA Accounts (a little confusion about it)

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let's come to the point, i am a little confused about rates and importance of FB Non-PVA and PVA accounts..
Sometimes FB doesn't ask you for Phone Verification while registration and you successfully create account, what you will call that account? Non-PVA? right?

and that account which asks for phone verification and you gave it, now it is called a PVA account..

which has got more importance? PVA or Non-PVA? does Non-PVA accounts (while registration) bugs you after some time for PV?

what are the market rates of PVA and Non-PVA accounts which got more importance and why?

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    PVA is very easily to get mobile phone re-verification roadblock which can’t be passed without re-verification code. If you can't get re-verification code, the account can't be recovered. In this case, NonPVa get the high market rate.
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    the account which is verified with phone is called pva.
    and the account which is not verified with phone is called non pva..
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    PVA means phone verified account. A facebook account verified by a phone number is called phone verified account or PVA . Non pva mean Non phone verified account. There r some advantages between PVA account & Non PVA account. Thank you
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    PVA is phone verfied account means facebook won't prompt you to verify your phone number. Without phone number verified in your facebook account, it is risking of losing your facebook account.
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    There are methods for verify your phone number within minutes... It usually takes about 4-5 minutes for me when the Facebook asking for it.
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    this is so weird to hear...but this is the fact about this...we should be careful while going for this..
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    If the seller does not remove the number before sending you the accounts, if pva is required Then you must ask him for re-pva that not many sellers do-Because fb need the old number to re-pva. Even then if they used(they did actually) online sms, 2day i lost 10 fb accounts 5+ old because as i understood seller did Not remove the numbers from accounts.

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