Any benefits with Google Hangout?

by kuon
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I need your feedback about G. Hang out. Any benefits join on there?
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    Originally Posted by kuon View Post

    I need your feedback about G. Hang out. Any benefits join on there?
    Yes, there is! You can do a group meeting there online, sharing ideas while on cam and etc. Basically, it's like a skype or other video chat service.


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    Google+ hangouts are great for online meetings, webinars, and even marketing.

    Say you have a new product/service and want to introduce it to a specific group of people to get feedback. Well there ya go.
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    Absolutely , I use hangout to weekly meeting with my programmer in another place.
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    I know of someone who records them to YouTube and increases his reach in multiple ways that way.
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      In addition to the feedback of others, Google Hang-out can help you manage and update multiple events in a calendar year.

      It is also one of the most powerful features a business or brand can utilize as part of Google Plus marketing effort.It will showcase the company's other assets rather than sending users away to its competitor's offerings like Facebook.

      This is how Google helps you a lot in many ways especially online businesses.
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    Originally Posted by kuon View Post

    I need your feedback about G. Hang out. Any benefits join on there?
    At present, the benefit that I got from Google Hangout is that it helped me meet new friends plus it also helped me get prospective clients for my online business...
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    Google hangout can be used for group discussion and meetings..
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  • you can share ideas with your friends, contact webinars, meeting and so on...
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    Good for meetings and general marketing, not so much SEO wise.
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    The ability to get 9 other people together AND stream live via Youtube for Free is pretty compelling. We use it quite a bit to build our local membership sites (we also use BlogTalkRadio successfully by featuring local business owners).

    Also, we share a Google+ Hangouts Training site with those who we introduce to the technology (most folks who attend our Hangouts want to use it themselves) and we make a little extra money via an affiliate program.
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      I am planning on creating a hangout group with fellow warriors who want to work together and help each other succeed. The group's objective will be hands on training and doing which will start at finding potential clieints, doing the initial contact, setting up the meeting, handling objections and closing sales. all with a coaching and teaching mentaility. Each person will set a weekly goal of contacts, follow throughs and closing. As part of the group if there is a issue with closing a client we will work together to contact that business owner who is still on the fence and answer his objectives. I am mainly looking for warriors who wish to work their local area with offline businesses. PM me back if you wish to join. This will be set up as a google community so you can be invited to the google hangout twice a week for training and goal setting.
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    Google hangout is awesome for SEO, I utilize it all them time to optimize my links and videos, all google's tools are wonderful for rankings.

    A Premier and Unique Dating Experience | NosyDating.Com

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    Some Google Hangout ideas I have...
    1. Use it for mastermind groups (replace Skype)
    2. It's a free way to conduct webinars for a smaller group of people
    3. Conduct expert interviews
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    Host webinars thru the google platform. There are various ways you can market with hang out.
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    I just found that out. Sounds a great tool for my small meetings. Thanks!
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    I think Google hangout allows video of multiple contact to feed into one conversation.. I think this cannot be done in Skype as far as i know. Just one on one video chat.
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