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Just out of curiosity, because I myself have created 10 fan pages on Facebook for my my own interests, projects or upcoming projects. But what does one do if they make FB fan pages for profit? The Fan page is connected to a main profile page usually correct? So if my company created a fan page for x-company how does it switch hands or do you just create an admin role for that company's officer?

Thanks in advance. Im sure it's an easy subject to clarify but I haven't seen info on this topic posted.
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    Well you just promote the person to admin, but you will still have access to the account.
    What you do is have the companies SM make the page and tell them that you will set it up.
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    Just a comment: 10 fan pages is a lot! I find just having a few (maybe 3-4) takes time to post on and check out. Good luck on these - - I know they can be a great addition to a page and/or business.
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    i have done this with lot of fan pages. you just have to hand over to your client and he will remove you.
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    u just leave it to ur client
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    A lot of people don't realize you can create a page on Facebook that is not linked to any profile. Just go to while NOT logged in, and under the "Sign Up" button is a text link that says, "Create a Page" that goes to this URL:

    We manage over 100 clients by first creating the page this way with contact details we create for the client (email on our domain for easy verification). We then add our Business Page as an admin, but the Page is standalone and can be given to the client easily if they end our management contract.

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    You can assign the role of admin to someone else if you want, select that specific page and click on the edit page option and select admin roles, there you can alot someone (should be a friend or liked your page) admin, moderator or some other role as you want.
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