Fiverr is Advertising Gigs on Facebook!

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I just saw this ad. on facebook, pretty cool and smart.

Fiver is Advertising users Gigs on Facebook!

What do you think it will take for a gig to be advertised on facebook by fiverr?

Link to the gig that I saw - Techspert will create a killer video testimonial for you within 24 hours for $5, only on

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    Fiverr advertises gigs everywhere.

    _/\_\o/_ JAWS

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    Yeah, honestly I don't get it.

    I've seen their ads ALL OVER, like on youtube, on tons of sites.

    I guess they just take the hit on advertising to bring in more buyers for the long-term revenue.
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    right fiverr advertise on many place like you tube facebook i saw their ad many times

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    I have some gigs on Fiverr so I love seeing there ads across the web.

    The site has some great benefits for both people needing fast cash and for those that need to hire talented pro's across the world.. I would check out the puppet gigs because they are so funny..

    Here are couple more sites that are the same
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    Well have seen the YouTube ads. but this is the first time I'm seeing Facebook ads.

    Has anyone ever advertised their gigs on Facebook?
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    Never tried yet so far .... but it's probably worth looking into ...
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    That's a great info.
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    Most of the fiverr gigs related to internet marketing are nothing but spamming. It has lowered the buyer in the fiverr becuase internet marketing was and is the main boost of fiverr. Now they are trying to recover it through online advertising.
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    I like fiverr.. glad to see they are spreading the word. Videos, minor tech work, graphics, etc. for only $5.. SWEET!
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    They're not the only ones. I have seen similar micro jobs sites being advertised through facebook.

    - Gabriel
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    If they focus on retargeting they could pull a lot of traffic back!
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    With the recent launch of fiverr affiliate program expect to see a lot more of those banners everywhere .
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