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Hi Warriors,

Just curious, what is the best tip that you would give to get more views and engagement with YouTube?

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    Originally Posted by Broderick Boyd View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    Just curious, what is the best tip that you would give to get more views and engagement with YouTube?

    Tip is be creative on your video especially when you are the one who doing it and marketing in the video. Most of the videos that attract me is about science and tutorials on how to make things useful. Like the videos of kipkay and the like.

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    Interaction. Simple as that - if you are simply posting a video to youtube how do you expect people to find it if you don't create a backlink or bunch of backlinks to it. For starters comment on other peoples video which are similar, create video responses to videos, like other videos and also start following and getting noticed yourself and you videos will start getting noticed.
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    you have to concentrate 6 important things to improve your youtube views

    Quality of Video
    YouTube Friends
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    Comment, comment, comment
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      -Choose Unique tags
      -Make sure that your thumbnail is clear to suggest that your video is of high quality. YouTube normally gives you 3 choices for your video's thumbnail, one of which is normally taken from the exact middle of the video so make sure that the thumbnail have a face or at least a person in it.
      -Commenting, creating responses to videos posted by others

      Hope the above are of assistance


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    Make sure you optimize the video thoroughly. Tags, Descript, Titles
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    in commenting to other videos, is it ALWAYS important that you target videos in the same niche you're in?
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    I wouldn't say that their are any new ones, but I will say you should use the ones that actually work. It's all about optimization and interaction. Since you're asking about new techniques, I assume you're familiar with current ones. may I ask what you've done so far? maybe we can better assist you if you let us know which avenues you've taken so far. :-0)
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    Viewer retention is #1 right now as far as ranking videos goes. Also getting subscribers directly through the video helps rank that video much higher, not just subscribers to the channel.
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