Any Good Software to create Facebook Business Pages !!

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Hello Friends.....

Can you guys suggest me a Good software that Can create Facebook Fanpages with Great ease but with all the features required ?

I am using ShortstackApp, I am a Professional Animation,Vfx and Graphics artist.....I am good at designing part.......I can create great graphics for my clients.......and their Fanpages........but I get stuck up with HTML and all the codings Here on Warrior-Forum I saw some of the fellas using Iframes or say Static IFRAMES................I am not sure about the names.........

What I want is Easy to use solution....that I can use to create stunning Fanpages of my clients..........If you suggest any software ...please let me know also about other details like any FULL FLEDGED Video Tutorial or course available for the same........( Example IFRAMES etc., )

I just was planning to Buy the Monthly pro pack of Short Stack App,But the catch was.....I can make Unlimited Facebook Pages...Using that APP...I really love that APP CREATOR Software ( I am using the free version since last 8 Months ) Problem is ...I cant give full fledged access to those business pages to CLIENTS I mean IF any of my client intends to do any changes ...or wishes to carry on the daily humdrum of the Page by themselves.......that is not possible...........SHORTSTACK APP Team say : Your Clients have to Purchase their own Copy of SHORTSTACK APP PRO Bundle....!! Now How can I allow that..........once my clients come to know that I am using some APP which costs me few DOLLARS ...and Charge them Monthly Rental or decent Amounts....These Clients ( SOme of them are my old friends from the Industry ) wont need me at all.....they will carry out the business and chores on their own..........and this will also ruin my relations too with them And it is not possible that All my clients will allow me to create the pages for them and manage the same ( If that happens ...SHOTSTACKAPP is GOD ) ....That is the reason I have never Created Facebook Pages for my Clients and others...all My Pages are created for myself only.

So any one who can suggest ...better software......which can allow me to design the best Facebook Pages and than sell those to CLIENTS with passive Income from that ...... Even if the access and authority - be transferred to client...still they wont objet paying me the MONEY As they will not find the actual software or say Trick using to create those amazing TABS.

I have seen few WSO here on Warrior-War-Room with PSD templates of the Facebook Pages..........Now I dont need those .......because I am extremely good at Photoshop and I can create any GOODIES in Photoshop.........but My point is "What DO I DO once I have Designed Stunning STUFF in PHOTOSHOP" How can I convert those Static PSD FILES into GOLDEN Facebook Pages ?!!

If you can suggest a Best TUTORIAL or any SOFTWARE that can solve this problem of mine.................I wouild be extremely thankful.........

ALso if any one can provide some more indepth intro to Static IFRAMES and can share some great Video Tutorials ( I dont mind if they are PAID ones ) or any other online sources that can be of great use for IFRAMES and FB PAGE Creations.
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    IS'NT there anyone who can answer my Query my Dear FRIENDS ?!
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      Originally Posted by buddynextdoor View Post

      IS'NT there anyone who can answer my Query my Dear FRIENDS ?!
      Try these Create a Facebook Page | Custom Fan Page Design - Pagemodo

      I would say you go for decor if you are good at Graphics
      Pagemodo is more of like having templates but it allows HTML too.

      Decor is free for at least few more months without branding (Thats what their admin told me)
      Pagemodo is paid but the unlimited Plan is quite affordable if you are planning to use it for quite a long time.
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      Originally Posted by buddynextdoor View Post

      IS'NT there anyone who can answer my Query my Dear FRIENDS ?!
      And if you need real flexibility I must say, you go for a paid hosting plan with a shared SSL ( Hostgator have some pretty much affordable plans)

      Design the pages as you like ( Graphics or HTML or anything)
      and host it to your Hosting space and then load the pages to your client's Facebook page tab using Iframe in Facebook.

      This is quite easy and gives you more flexibility.

      Here is an Article which tells you how to load external pages to Facebook tabs

      How to Create Custom Tabs for Facebook Business Pages
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