How many ways to create YouTube videos?

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Video marketing is becoming an essential tool for today's Internet Marketer. Methods to create videos:

• Flip camera

• Record a PowerPoint presentation using Camtasia screen capture software.

• Webcam

• Cell phone

• Animoto video creation -

• Hire an (out-of-work/) actor to film a video -

• Create videos with Windows Movie Maker

Any others? Your favourite method?
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    Right now I am using software that I coded to generate videos for me. I am able to pick a few screens, add spinnable text, and then generate the videos based on keywords. Each video is unique.

    Definitely my favorite way right now since I push a button and forget about it.
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      Thanks Kenzik! Are you going to promote your video generation software as a WSO?
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        Originally Posted by David Braybrooke View Post

        Thanks Kenzik! Are you going to promote your video generation software as a WSO?
        Interesting idea...

        The software was really designed for me and my explicit needs. Allow me to elaborate.

        The software takes a couple of images and creates extremely short slideshow video all designed to get viewers to click the link the description. You pass in a list of keywords and it generates a video for each keyword (the filename is the keyword). Because the text is spun for each video, each video is unique.

        Since each one is unique, I can literally make thousands of videos with one button press. Right now each video (on my machine) takes about 3.5 seconds to create, so it takes about one hour to create 1000 videos.

        Would you (or anyone else) have interest in using something like what I'm using?

        I've never done a WSO, but if there is interest I'll definitely consider. I might try it anyway just because that sounds like fun. The software is basically already done, just needs some "user-friendly" additions.
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    Create a powerpoint presentation of an article with voice over.

    Benjamin Ehinger
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    I like the record from webcam method that instantly uploads it.

    It eliminates some steps and can be more efficient.
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    Flipcam user, only screen record when I need to show something, i create big letter 1 page jot notes of what im going to cover in the video and then shoot have the page right under the camera if i need to glance as to what to cover next
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    I love Camtasia. VideoSpinner is good too.
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      There's the standard programs and methods of capturing video for YouTube as others have mentioned here. I'll be going a different route when I tackle YouTube marketing. I play games so I'll be uploading gameplay and then downloading said gameplay to my computer to be used on the tube.

      I'm sure there are many other unique ways people are creating YouTube videos. It's a matter of what you're recording.
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    I use Camtasia Studiobut out there is a lot of editors software but if yyou take a search you can find online editor too.
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    I create youtube video by powerpoint. Actually only 1 way is not best for every types of works. It mainly depends on the type of video.
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