How to market a musician?

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I have a friend that is a musician. He has a lot of videos on youtube that get as much as 500,000 views. However, his only source of monetizing his musical talents is from his live shows.

What other ways could he monetize his YouTube traffic?
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    Not a market I've touched yet but one would think you could send him to his iTunes songs, merchandise links, and even links to buy the concert tickets because he could probably use more of that.
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    The music industry is tough but it is possible to market and sell his music.
    What i recommend he does is looks up a man by the name of Jay King. Jay King is a music producer who has one a Grammy for his 1987 cover of the song Lean On Me (his band was Club Nouveau). He runs a show on Blogtalkradio known as the Music Industry every Monday and on it he gives out free at advice on how to Promote an Album for cheap, how to record an album, reaching your Genres market and other music advice. He lets you call in and once you get to know him he may contact you personally.
    I recommend following his Twitter and Facebook to know his Music Industry shows schedule. (usually 7pm PST on Blog Talk Radio) (not his kings in the morning show thats comedy)

    Have him read the book: All You Need to Know About the Music Business
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    Getting your Facebook page connect in high-ranking YouTube videos sounds ideal.
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    You can monetize his youtube traffic by using pre-roll ads on each of the videos.
    These are usually called TrueView ads.
    Whenever a person views the video(s), you earn an income when the ads play before the videos.
    Just look for pre-roll ads that fit the themes of the videos.
    Another option is the use of Overlay in-video ads.
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    With that many views I can imagine many musical instrument companies would love the opportunity to sponsor his instrument.
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    You should upload a video in youtube. Many social media can be helpful in this case. You can try.
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    Direct them to his own site, and iTunes, plus other sources you may have published music on, one good one is create space which produces on demand and can have them displayed on Amazon as well as other sites.

    I would also use other social media sites to leverage what you are doing on YouTube as it can be embedded everywhere.
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    Yea, youtube is the way to go for this, its a no-brainer.
    Problem is after you upload your video how do you get people to view it?
    because of the thousands of videos being uploaded to youtube daily - many new vids with great content dont stand a chance.

    The best solution i know is to give it a boost with views and likes and comments.
    this allows people to see it and favorite it and the video becomes popular.
    bottom line, new videos need a boost especially if the channel is new.
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    As a artist you know that promotion your perform is very essential if you want individuals to buy your perform. One particularly good way of promotion your songs is through the Online,
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    You can built a memebership site. Make contest. Custom Videos. Facebook FanPage.

    i can help , if you wish.
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    Utilizing the YouTube traffic by sending people to his personal web page would open up the possibilities a lot more in terms of monetizing. AWD Company has created personal musician pages before and they have very affordable website designs.

    Learn how to DOMINATE SEARCH ENGINES and CAPTURE TARGETED TRAFFIC with small business marketing.

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    I suggest include links to his own fan page, itunes, and with that type amount of viewers, you can start asking for sponsors, I've seen many youtube stars that endorses different shirts, even jcpenny, musical instruments and are requested for campus, and mall tours... Your artists can be lucky enough to go on world tours if he can get more views and gain audiences from different countries. Another thing that I've noticed is music collaboration between musicians in youtube this way they gain more exposures.. I'm not sure if you would consider adding ads on your artist's videos because most viewers hate it.
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    I think if he is that popular to get 500,000 views, he must be managed, right?

    If not, then find him a good agency as gigs yield the majority of money for musicians now.

    However, he should build a website for himself with a soundcloud widget and tour dates and so on and more importantly an opt-in e-mail list for newsletters, merchandise etc.
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      Originally Posted by ef2020 View Post

      I think if he is that popular to get 500,000 views, he must be managed, right?

      If not, then find him a good agency as gigs yield the majority of money for musicians now.

      However, he should build a website for himself with a soundcloud widget and tour dates and so on and more importantly an opt-in e-mail list for newsletters, merchandise etc.
      Good point. Money is in the list. It is true in Internet Marketing, it proved to be correct in recent Presidential election (all 'grass-root campaigns' were often based on different kind of 'lists'), it would be true in Music business as well. I would include All good Social Networking sites and try to connect with right people in the industry via networking.
      Can I Haz A CheezBurgr?
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    The fact that your friend has a largish following is the all the more reason to promote himself creativley. The best example I have seen of this is by a band called FunkShui. I came across them on a search for "jazz funk band" on Google. It peaked my curiosity because they were the first listing on the first page. They still are, I just checked.
    I really think this model is a great and vital step for musicians particularly because they can create their own profile,embed YouTube videos, post events, make recommendations, sell their CD's all in one shot. In a nutshell, it's a musicians haven to promote and sell their stuff in an environment where Google picks up fresh content. It's worth looking into. The site I believe is new but effective it's called notemote.
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    I have a Music Product with the potential to make +$7,000/Month for Affiliates. if interest please contact me.
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    Hi affirmwealth,

    The others have given really excellent suggestions, and it's good to know that your friend has such a substantial following, which is a form of testament to his skill and marketability. Indeed, getting his stuff on to iTunes, and other sites like Youtube, Soundcloud, etc. is a good idea. Spotify is quite a good option as well.

    I think the general idea is to get his songs into as many ears as possible, and to also try to get music producers interested. If they can see that your friend has skill, and a pretty strong following already, they'll be much more likely to sign your friend on.

    I like how the trends have changed from having to repeatedly send demo tracks to producers, to now being spotted from platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, or blogs. It's now more accessible for individuals with talent but lack the right exposure or opportunities.

    Cheers, and all the best to your friend.

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