Does advertising on facebook work?

by tintu
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I was curious to know if anyone has had success using facebook for advertising?
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    Of course it works - what kind of question is this? FB holds a lot of traffic and has a ton of advertisers...if it didn't work, facebook would be out of business. You just need to make sure to track properly and adhere to their ad guidelines, as they are very strict and ban your account quickly. Also, some niches aren't suitable for FB as either it's very difficult to get ads approved or it's very competitive so that click prices have risen to ridiculous levels already.

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    as a matter of fact, yes, it works.
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    yes it works

    SEO Pro/Premium Accounts Provider
    (CopyScape,SEOMOZ,SEOMOZ 2012 Videos & Much More)

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    YES it does. The good thing about Facebook Advertising services is that, you can choose where your ads will appear in the Facebook user.
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    Yeah it's work,
    definitely most popular marketing using social media.
    Try do this but without confusion.
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    Yes it will help you get the exposure and likes you want... However I suggest you do this on a low first to test. There were issues about fraud likes from facebook likes.. You can find the information in this thread It isn't a confirmed issue though it help if you know the buzz about it lately.
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    Your asking the wrong question.
    As a general rule of thumb advertising is not one of those things that either works / doesnt work.
    Its your marketing plan and sales copy that either works or does not work.
    Different platforms, require different plans / copy.

    So you should not be asking .. Does FB ads work.. you should be asking .. will this marketing plan work on Facebook's plat form (then describe your marketing plan)
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    Absolutely, there's so many different options and features to utilize for marketing on facebook. You can do everything from Like-Gating, Facebook Coupons, Multi-Channel voting, there's plenty of advertising avenues to capitalize on here.

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    Yes their was, but it was not that easy. It really depends on your strategy. Their are lots of things you need to consider first before engaging to social media advertising, especially in Facebook. You need to consider what your costumers' need and what they expect from your product.
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    Facebook is a popular social media site. It has so many users all around the globe and it is easy for you to promote through facebook I guess.
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    It might work if a well planned campaign is worked out considering the details of the audience you are targeting in order to get improved conversions (thats the ultimate goal, isnt it?). But be prepared to do a thorough research (reading alot helps - facebook has good amount of help on the topic) before you spend on your ads.
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      Like others have mentioned ... they work ... really well actually!

      Here are some tips if you decide to use them.

      Facebook is verydifferent from Google. Even if you haven't advertised with Google, Facebook'ers don't expect to land on a sales page. With that being said, here is how to increase your clicks and decrease your cost per click:

      1) It all starts with the picture.

      What might work from Google ads, will probably not work for FB. Two different places. One (mostly) expects to see sales pages and offers, the other (Facebook) doesn't. So if something worked with Google (if you used it), don't expect it to be the same with FB.

      Like many things, testing out the pictures is a MUST and is also the biggest part of your ad. Make it stick out, that is the biggest way to get eyeballs on your ad.

      2) Catchy headline.

      I love using questions. For example I am (also) in the building muscle niche so my headline might be:

      Can't Build Muscle? or
      Struggling To Build Muscle?

      3) Add to your headline.

      So for example if my headline was: Can't Build Muscle?

      My continuation sentence might be:

      You might be making the WORST muscle building mistakes
      Discover the WORST muscle building mistakes that you are probably making.

      Once again, once you clicks start to go down. Change the picture up. You will probably get more clicks.

      What does that mean?

      Obviously more chances of opt-ins (if you link to a squeeze page)

      And FB is going to like you = Price drops per click

      Hope that helps
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        Excellent tips by jamescanz to make Facebook marketing effective and result-oriented. Thank you very much James for contributing to the discussions.
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    You know facebook has huge traffic. Actually the main target of ads is traffic.
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    Depends on offer you are promoting and the location you are picking up , I chose india for low cpc and promoted cpa offer ,, and yea I FAILED
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    Yes of course it works, the trouble is 'will it work for you?' This is the hardest part. We have worked with clients before who have many thousands of likes but they don't convert into sales. The reason is because they gained all these likes through competition, not because people cared about the facebook page. Therefore make sure any likes you get a of decent quality and also try your best to promote your site without obvious and continuous advertising.
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    i think drive traffic to your fanpage is better than to send it to your website or sale page
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      Originally Posted by fxstay View Post

      i think drive traffic to your fanpage is better than to send it to your website or sale page
      Is this what most people do? Or do some of you get better conversions by directing traffic to your site?
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  • Yes, it works GREAT! Just as with adwords and any type of PPC, you need to track campaigns for each individual keyword (or targeting option) so you can track the conversions and the cost. This is free with google analytics.
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    I think it works. Try to get your account active. Promote your facecbook page. Share your posts to various facebook groups and pages.
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  • It does work. If you have a good advertising strategy and if you are able to reach your target audiences, then your advertising will work. Anyway, it takes a lot of time and effort for you to successfully see the fruits of your advertising.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    Oh yeah of course. We all know that facebook is the number one social networking sites now worldwide so advertising using facebook is really a big plus to your business but make sure that you are building a genuine relationship to people so you will get their trust.
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    It is a pretty complex system/advertising interface to grasp and understand but advertising on Facebook beyond works. Conduct some due diligence on companies advertiser on facebook or converse with other publishers who have had success with facebook advertising and they will tell you it works.

    Just don't expect to become rich over night if that is what you are thinking.
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    Yes Facebook advertising does work very well.

    As with Google PPC you have to learn how the system works.
    If your ads are popular your cost per click goes down so optimising your ads is a must.

    I ran a campaign for a client that grew their list significantly with an advert that only cost me 5 cents per click ... very happy customer

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    i use it for my website posts. for i post all my post to my fan page. I think it dose work but as always in advertising you need to reach a targeted audience with facebook ad manager i think there are enough option to do so. Just take your time to get the hang of it and don't over bid.

    So again its a yes for me.
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    Yes it does work. This is my next place where I am planning on doing PPC advertising. With research, tracking, adding a capture page, and providing tremendous value then PPC is the way to go. I have not gone with Facebook as of yet, due to analizing my budget, and properly building my sales funnel. However I know for a fact it does work, since I know people that have done it very successfully .

    Connect with me and discover ways you can influence others in your business. JOIN me and experience the power of prosperity

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    Originally Posted by tintu View Post

    I was curious to know if anyone has had success using facebook for advertising?
    I had, but then one day, facebook got PMS and banned me for no freaking reason and without any explanation.
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    Facebook Advertising is a great way to help your product/service reach millions of people. Almost everyone having a facebook account logs in once a day and your ads will definitely come in handy for the users. This is a biggest asset of facebook.
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    Facebook works, but you need to strategic in using their FB Ads

    The most important key to note is that Facebook, increases exposure and also increases traffic to your product or services.

    Like earlier stated, Strategy is KEY in putting up your ads

    If you are creating a FB like page then you drive target to it, you should highlight the key points to expect or if you are just driving traffic to a landing webpage then do this

    All the best
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    Yes Facebook has the potential because it has tons of traffic.

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    Originally Posted by tintu View Post

    I was curious to know if anyone has had success using facebook for advertising?
    Yes - I have had great success with Facebook advertising. It just depends on what your goals are and what type of ads you are using. Facebook offers a lot of options for marketers and it's a great way to generate leads.
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    I've had plenty of success here, it really starts with creating posts that you yourself would be into. If you're on Facebook and see something that you find fascinating, see if you can adapt the same idea for your own business.

    One of the more interesting things I saw recently was a radio station who said that if you liked and commented on their post they would share in lottery winnings if their ticket won. Of course there was a picture of the ticket with the numbers etc... visible. It was a very clever way to leverage $5.00
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    I am saying from my experience it really works. I have got a good feedback.
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    Yes, it works. I added 300 people to my emailing list, added over 2000 active to my page and made $5300 in the last 30 days. It cost me about $4300, though. So it has already paid for itself and with such targeted fans and sign ups, I'm sure to make $100-$500 off each sign up.

    I know these are targeted leads as they really interact on the page and my email open rate is 96%.
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

    Guaranteed 60% Opt In Rate Traffic-Real People-Fresh Today-High Quality Biz Opp traffic![/URL]
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    The fact that Facebook advertising is so expensive and still so many people go for it assures us that it is very effective !
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      Originally Posted by davidfrankk View Post

      The fact that Facebook advertising is so expensive and still so many people go for it assures us that it is very effective !
      It's not expensive like you think.. I spent below $1 to get 1 targeted fan. Sometimes i spent $0.01 for 1 fan. But a lil bit slow seems they have many competition..

      Lets do some math from my own business/experience..

      I used to sell physical products more to health/beauty niche.. Price for each product i must take at least 50% nett profit.. Let say 1 product cost $50 so my profit would be $25..

      I spent $100 to get 100 fans.. Let say only 50 fans buy my product 50 fans x $50 = $2500/2=$1250 for my profit minus $100 for ads.. So i get $1150..

      That's not end like that.. 50 fans that ordered from me will make repeat order (because this product like pill,cream will be finished).. Let say from 50 fans just 25 fans make repeat order.. So i'll get profit without need to pay for ads again...

      That just for example math..
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        FB is a great place to advertise. In fact I think its often better than adwords because you are able to drill down very specifically as to who you want to target.

        The CPC is pretty reasonable to compared to other well worth doing.
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    Yeah, it will works as long as you know how to choose your targeted fans
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    I would say that it works very well, but like everything else it depends on your niche and also how you target your market with your ad. FB is great because you can really drill down to target specific demographics that are suitable for your niche/ad and so you are not wasting money on a generic type advert such as Google, you are hopefully only getting the clicks to your ad from people actually interested in your service.

    Also like someone has mentioned earlier you do need to take a bit of time in choosing your picture and wording for your ad to get the attention of your target market. Typically a lot of people say ensure your ad stands out being surrounded by a red border etc...... I did it with one of mine recently and I spent just £10. something on the ad which generated nearly 100 new likes in two days which I didn't think was too bad, it was also in a small niche
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      I am doing a page for smartphone batteries. Currently, our CPC with adwords are around 20c, any idea what is the average cost for facebook ads?
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    Of course it works. Check out Don Wilson and Ben Adkins fb products.
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      Yes it works. People are all around facebook these days. Just know what niche they are attracted to and you are good to go. Good luck with your campaign!
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        I used facebook advertising few times. it can work but depends on what you advertise and plan it good. if you have niche audience and niche audience is hard to target on facebook, you may not have much success.

        also depends what you are advertising - is it for like your page or purchase your product? does your product get sold more than once or one time sale? if it is multiple sale (something that finish like perfume) then the value is much higher then if only one sale and worth investing more in multiple sale.

        if target audience is wide (like perfume you can target age group, female, location,etc) it is better even from adwords that you cannt choose.
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    We use FaceBook PPC ads to promote our Kindle Books when we are running our KDP Select promos... Best part is that we not only see an increase in book sales/downloads, but we also see a spike in users reached through Facebook and large increases in likes during the campaigns.
    Free How-To Videos On Everything From Sales Funnels, Facebook PPC & More!
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    Yes it works, and the proof lies in the fact that FB does not charge for membership, they make their coin solely from advertising and last time I checked they were one of the biggest internet businesses around .

    Having said that, it definitely needs a strategy of its own, just because someone knows how to work adwords doesn't mean they will by default become experts on FB as well; its completely different. I have done some advertising on FB and have talked with people making their living of of it and the general consensus (as far as I know) is that FB is best for lead generation, CPA and Dating offers. Anything that does not require a financial commitment from the user right there has a good chance of working. How well an offer will work depends on what incentive the user is being given, the landing page design and the number of actions the user needs to take before they can redeem their reward.

    You can also make fanpages around general ideas then promote offers to your fans. In fact this is one of the best strategies to adopt as having regular followers will allow you to sell to them repeated (kinda like email marketing).

    All the best for your campaigns!
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    yes as facebook offers about 800 millions visitors , so it can really work if you make a business page
    Thai Business Directory

    All about thai business listings. Great website to explore Warriorforum is such a good forum.
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    It does for me... but you have to tweak your ads to get results... generic ads can turn out to be VERY expensive
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    I wouldnt use the fact that they are biggest as proof - youtube is huge and never profitable and facebook also not yet profitable from what i hear. today's news is they are trying to sell 4 video ads a day for $1 million each.
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    I just started testing fb ads...and so far so...erm..ok.. i'm slowly tweeking ads to find a winning formula but my first run cost me approx $1 per like which was terrible but they were all targeted ads.

    The thing with ads is you have to be patient and i don't know about you but you have to be willing to lose some cash especially during the early stages like me...
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    Face Book advertising works very well for me.
    I have a very good success recently with facebook ads.
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    Just like any other advertising opportunities, just because one thing works for some, doesn't mean it will work for everyone. It comes down to whether or not the people you want to market to are on Facebook. Before advertising with a Facebook Ad, do your research.
    Connie Ragen Green
    Huge Profits Tiny List
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    Really?? It's inexpensive, (very) targeted traffic. Also, get this... Adsense allows Facebook pages to send people to their adsense page by posting a link as long as it's legit and you aren't saying "click on the ads". Do more research on this if you care, but SEO is going to die soon. At least in my life :-)

    The good thing about this business is that "People don't succeed cause they aim too high and miss, no, they aim too low... and hit. Most people don't aim at all." (Les Brown)

    Not us... Not marketers. We live far above mediocrity. Always keep this in mind at all times..

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    Yes, it does work. The only question here is how you make it work. Basically, you need to engage your audience actively. Unlike Google ads, Facebook ads are more of the hands-on type of lead generation. You need to be there for you to actually get some results.
    Need help in LEADS for your business? Ask me on how to generate qualified and targeted leads from appointment setting and lead generation campaigns through calling, social media and email marketing.
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    Facebook advertising work only if you have the right tools and materials, preparation and the right know-how to start with it.

    There are a lot of information you can gather on how to do facebook advertising.

    Have a great day.
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      Like it has been mentioned previously you have to approach facebook advertising with a plan. While this is far from being comprehensive you could get started with the following:

      A basic plan would be the following:

      1) Determine the demographic and psychographic profile of your ideal customer

      2) Using the information you gathered in 1) start fashioning your ad so that it speaks specifically to them
      - Ad picture (i.e. Should speak to the matrket segment you are trying to reach AND be related to your product)
      - Ad copy (i.e. Headline should give a reason why they should care...)

      3) Make sure you give them a clear call to action in your ad copy.

      4) Measure your progress or lack of progress
      - If it works make it your control and try to make one better
      - If it doesn't then try something new. First candidates would be
      - New image
      - New headline

      5) Back to 4) until you are satisfied with the outcome
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    You may want to talk to someone who has a lot of experience in fb advertising, like you would get a PPC person, to make sure you are doing it the best you can the first time. if you have time to learn, it will probably be cheaper to just learn the hard way than hire someone to help.
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  • Profile picture of the author fpdeziner
    Because Facebook is the top most social media site today, with more than 400 million active users, a fan base that's likely to grow even larger in the future
    it's immense popularity has given the site a high search engine ranking,
    Facebook ads can easily be set up to target the demographics you want to reach with your advertising.
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    Now, I haven't done any FB advertising, but I like to do research on the matter before doing anything at all!

    In fact, I feel that it should positively work but depending on the methods of your campaign. Suppose you have a niche market product you would love to promote - not sure how the end results will vary mind you, but at least you can get the concept down.

    Now, according to my research, there are some powerful ways to market to FB. One is to find the ID's of the users and the "LIKES" from them as well... I might be a little off base on that one, but the general rule is common sense of locating the right LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC of those interested in what you have to offer.

    We locate these users, pull their ID's and submit your AD campaign (very inexpensive compared to the regular FB advertising methods) at a LOW cost, to draw those specific user's to your offer. Now, from what I understand it basically helps to build your 'LIKES' to your fan page that you developed on FB. But, I'm still researching how to take those specific LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC to your offer directly. I would assume this would apply to your niche market.

    You niche could be on PETS, or WEIGHT LOSS - maybe DATING - almost anything is possible with FB. Once I have some more insight about the niche marketing on FB I will be happy to address the issue further. But, if you are like me... 51 years old and have a difficult time of understanding the technical internet jargon of terms, it can confuse us without a doubt. Being involved with IM marketing since 2010 and haven't made any real money yet, but still pushing along...(naturally not for long) the opportunity exist! I feel that patience and research and understand how to execute the steps is vital! Then there are those people who are totally scared of executing the steps with the unknown fear of failure! But, in truce and honestly - IM Marketing is something of a different animal. We must take that leap of faith and believe to be patient and hold a breath to assure ourselves that we are making the right direction of using FB to market our offers.

    But, niche marketing is a key feature. Most of us are looking an IM marketing because it's being shoved down our throats and we forget that there is more in the world than IM! There honestly is, folks. It's a frame of mind and belief. I have a hard time adjusting to all the hype and excitement about a product that I forget what I"m on here to do... find a suitable niche product and promote it! Can FB do it? I believe it can... but the execution of doing it and realizing the tracking of odds are to be consider within a ratio of success or not!

    Although, there are many choices of tools to extract from FB - you can find them in the WSO of this forum, I can't recommend any because I'm not an affiliate of them - but these extraction tools will help you pull those user ID's and more and set up a campaign to promote a fan page or a like page. But, if you are anything like me... you might not want to generate a like fan page when you want to earn an income. That's why I will continue to seek the method further with niche products in FB to see how it works and get back to everyone here.



    mdincorporate (at) g - mail is a good way to reach me!

    The Best IT Solution and SEO Marketing - Mobile Site Design

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    Works fantastic for me.

    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

    Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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  • Profile picture of the author buyitpc
    Hey Jason,

    Care to share your experiences in a PM?


    The Best IT Solution and SEO Marketing - Mobile Site Design

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    • Profile picture of the author jasondinner
      Originally Posted by buyitpc View Post

      Hey Jason,

      Care to share your experiences in a PM?

      Not really. I save that sort of info for my private coaching students and people I mastermind with.

      PM me if you want to know how to get in my inner circle.

      "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

      Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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    FB ads work great for me. I just ran a camgain and only paid $.07 per like. It was at $.04 per like for the first 3 days but then went up to $.07 because the last day I ran the ad to long and at the wrong time of the day but thats how you learn.
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    yes, facebook really helps on advertising. now a days facebook is now a days is one the most visited. it is a great help for any enterprise to have a facebook fanpage so your able advertize your site by just posting and sharing photo's. And also the social media like facebook could bring traffic directly to your site which means more possible sales.
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    People do it all the time, its a big supply of people, just be careful not to spam your own personal friends too much.
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    Depends on what you are advertising on Facebook. The ads should work well as they will be targeted to people who have surfed around to similar Facebook pages or clicked on similar ads as yours. That ensures you will get a good response rate from your ads. Just be sure you have something enticing to say to the ones reading your ads.
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      for me, it did not work, I suppose it has potential, some have even been successful with facebook ads, the facebook ads method it's not the most recommended... my case, I paid 1.45$ / like - when I promoted a facebook business page.:confused:
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      A: It's five...six fifty-five.
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