Help Needed: How to Rank my YouTube videos?

by Fary
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Hi warriors,
I have found that my videos get very few views from Google. I wanted to know the ranking of my videos in search engines and downloaded a software called Rank Tracker for doing this.
Then I found a long-tail keyword that receives more than 8k visitors according to Google Keyword Tool. There are more than 42,900,000 competing results for this keyword yet my YouTube video ranks 83 in search results.

Now I have 2 main questions:
1. Is Rank Tracker a good software with reliable results so I can count on it when measuring my ranking? Anybody tried it?
2. Is there ANY keyword tool which measures traffic coming from YouTube not from Google in general? I need this one instead of Google keyword tool which I think is not accurate in measuring YouTube traffic.

Finally, if anyone has previous experience in ranking high using YouTube videos, please share it!

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    I have used Rank tracker tool but it is not showing me perfect ranking so right now i am not using that tool. If you want to get ranking for your youtube video share it on your social network site such as twitter, Google+, Facebook. Submit your link in Social Bookmarking high PR site with suitable title and description. Try this thing you will surely get your youtube video rank in Google.
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    hmmm there are plenty of services on fiverr...the best one i used is this one
    Shaunaalen will increase your video rankings by targeting your keyword and provide guaranteed results with 1000 views and few natural likes for $5, only on
    try her,you wont be disappointed
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    You should check out this video. It will definitely help you....
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    You can increase your video rankings by boosting the off-page SEO of your links. Exactly like you do to a regular webpage. Works wonder, you should give it a try.

    >>>Get your websites ACTUALLY ranked by checking these out: Quantum SEO Labs, Home Page Link Building & SERP Ability. Want to get rid of negative listings? Check out Reputation Enhancer.

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      Originally Posted by YasirYar View Post

      You can increase your video rankings by boosting the off-page SEO of your links. Exactly like you do to a regular webpage. Works wonder, you should give it a try.
      This is what I do to get my videos ranking higher.

      Fiverr can be your best friend for this.

      Yes I might cost some dollars here and there but if you set up your videos properly, you easily make that money make and then some.
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    Get views, comments, likes and backlinks to rank your video.
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    Thanks for your help warriors.
    I put the keyword I want in the 'keywords' tags of my video and put some backlinks in related blogs, that helped me to jump from 83 to 18 just in one day!
    Today, I am checking my ranking and suddenly I found myself out of the top 100 results.
    Why is this happening? should I build many backlinks everyday to keep in my position?

    Also, is there any good alternatives to Rank Tracker and Google keyword tool?
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  • Check this Video Marketer Pro at How to Rank Video in Google - Video Marketer Pro to rank your YOutuBe videos in Google.
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    Ranking Youtube videos is way to easy that ranking a regular website. A regular off page will give you good result, plus fiverr gig.

    You should also try "addmefast" and "youlikehits".
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    You could ask me to share your video with my social connections, that's a cheap way of getting some views, and looking better to Google, a few social shares, maybe a comment or two, and a subscribe. I could do that for five dollars, or for ten, I can also get some random accounts to tweet the link, or share it on Facebook. I used to focus on keywords and made crappy videos, but I found the main way to get rankings is by having a good bounce rate, good social signals, to look like you got a good video, because that's the only way they can tell that you got a good video, is if you really have a good video. I do cheap video production as well if you're interested.
    Social Media Marketing Services
    Custom Facebook page design, Facebook Ads management, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google Plus, Instagram, social sharing, SEO, content production, video production, whatever you want.
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    Two things:

    Use 5er to get fake hits
    Concentrate on optimising for your buyer keywords
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      This is how I do it:

      Target a keyword that has low competition and the 1st page of Google search has no youtube video result.

      I have a few youtube videos that drives 1000 visitors a month in my website and $20/month Adsense earnings.

      I use an awesome keyword tool - check my signature
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    The video quality will have to be good and then have to shareon social site.
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  • The best way to gain more views is to take advantage of the social networking sites. Say, you can use Facebook, post it there, add more alluring description so that people will grow interest and watch it. Impress them so that the percentage of people to view it will be high.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    Keep commenting on other youtube vids/channels, your channel will get more traffic because of this, get more natural links and naturally start to increase rankings in both youtube and google
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    There should be some good WSO's here Fary. Use the search function and take a look, you might even find some Articles Warriors have given too
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    YouTube is a social network and should be treated as such. If you want to rank the video higher than you will should submit them to social media websites
    How Can I help...
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    Perhaps I can help you out. YouTube Ranking

    I have a network of people that are willing to watch your video, give it likes and become subscribers. These actions will help you to rank your video higher on YouTube and Google.

    If you are interested you can always ask me more.

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    Thanks for all your advices and information warriors. I combined all those in one strategy which I followed for the past few months. It works greatly!
    See my recent success with YouTube here:
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    Take it from me, my video ranks number 1 for "how to get free facebook fans" and I did it by back linking my video to all the social book marking sites and writing relevant content and posting my video on it. that is the only way unless it went crazy


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    To rank a video use proper title and description also increase views,comments,likes and do seo for your youtube video
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    Originally Posted by Fary View Post

    Finally, if anyone has previous experience in ranking high using YouTube videos, please share it!
    One software I have found really helps out. If you have done your title correct for your video and description. Take a look at this WSO I have used.
    Robert Corby
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