I want buy Facebook traffic, how much it cost?

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I have funny niche blog and I want buy real Facebook traffic from rrelevant pages.

for example if somebody have funny page and he will share my links, I can pay for each visitor.

How you think, how much cost per 1000 visit?
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    Why buy it when you can get a ton of it every day ,free ???????

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    Why buy via links from another page, something that will be very difficult to accurately track when you can just run a Facebook ad?
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    You don't have to spend your money for something that you can do without any cost.
    Besides, there's no guarantee that the Facebook traffic you want to buy or just bought is genuine and relevant to your niche. Don't fall into such enticing offers from a service just because you want it so badly.
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    I think that is not a good idea. Try to keep it natural or try to use facebook ads.
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      Do not buy likes. Do it naturally.

      You can try these:

      1. Offer Creative Incentives - Keep your fans engaged with fun promotions like launching a simple comment contest.

      2. Post A Status Update With a Highly Shareable Content - This is what they call "Facebook candy." It is a type of content which Facebook users get very excited about and immediately want to share it to the whole world. You can get this done by creating images that contain inspirational quotes.

      3. Create a Tight Community - Be visible on your Facebook page. Respond to comments, messages and posts. It is a SOCIAL media site so you need to be social.

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    Facebook now offers a "Promote Your Post" service and for as little as 5 bucks you can send your status to thousands of people... it actually works quite well!

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    Facebook traffic are available for purchase through any game on Facebook that accepts payments. You can purchase Facebook traffic in your preferred currency using a major credit card, PayPal, your mo...
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    I don't know the actual amount but it's expensive.
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      It depends on your budget that how much you re willing to pay for this. I would like to recommend facebook PPC advertising to get more traffic on website through facebook.
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    best way is to SEO your page so it is on page 1 of Google and this we achieved by increasing the fans. Facebook is PR 9 and Domain Authority is 100 !!! so to rank it at page one just need fans (social proof is best for conversions) and few backlinks depending on niche/competitors.

    BTW I can give you more advices but on private (do not want to reveal here)- free ofcourse - PM me.
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    I assume you are looking for some sort of ROI on purchasing this traffic. Are you just looking to create visibility of the niche content, and you as owner? Are you looking to increase targeted traffic for a on-sell at some point?

    There are some good suggestions on this thread, but the approach you take should be based on your end-goal. Don't buy any traffic for any reason unless it targets your end-goal and provides some sort of potential return.
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    I don't think it's a Good Idea!
    It'll cost you more! Beside doing this - please buy some Social Media Services - which will give you lots of real traffic.

    You can check my recently published thread - " Way To Increase The Traffic For Landing Page " - to get more info!
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    Why you want to buy it. As your niche is funny people will like it automatically. Just be a bit active and post form you FB page.
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    I don't think this is such a good idea. Will end up costing you.
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    I like the way people say oh "don't do it". The poster has decided to do it - if you know a way to do it answer, if you don't know........why are you commenting? It makes it frustrating to read and it doesn't benefit anyone.
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    I would read all the comments and give a better answer but right of the top of my head by reading the post i say run a campaign with fb ads they can be vary targeted. plus if you use some swiftly little tools that i have found like kurrently u will be on a good path.

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    i've tried using these FB ads for a page/blog of mine some time ago , and i must say that it was a complete disappointment ( the page now has over 60k fans brought in through good old fashion marketing) .
    I was paying FB 10+ USD for 3 likes !!!
    And traffic from fiverr ... forget about it !
    slownun.com - get informed
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    Never buy traffic man, unless you use it to lower your ctr. If you want traffic from facebook i would recommend you buy status posts from relevant facebook pages!
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    Just buy facebook status update for $5 in fiverr is suffice.
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    who has bought status updates from fiver and were they successful, who you use?

    www.facebook.com/preventcrime Like for free Crime Prevention advice, funny pics, videos and Humour
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