How Do You Rank Videos On YouTube?

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Hey everyone,
I really need to get my YouTube videos to rank within YouTube on their charts and related videos system, I am in a huge and competitive niche so I need some advice. I need these videos to rank well and get traffic on their own from YouTube. There are a few options I've heard about for YouTube, I am wondering which works best?

I could

1. Increase my views with vagex

2. Run tubeblaster pro all day

2. Buy fake view or some kind of YouTube gig on fiver. Does anyone know any good gigs that actually work?

4. Other??

I really don't want to get my account banned... I have a partner account and I want it to be safe, so I can earn money from adsense.
I am in a great niche and I can produce good content regularly I just need a little help to get started. There are videos in my niche that do huge numbers... Lots of them... I'm not sure how to get started ranking

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    I wouldn't risk your account if you are a partner with some of those internal methods.

    You can always do external social signals and link building to your videos so they rank well in Google, which will in turn get them more traffic. This is of course assuming your videos are keyword centric and have a specific target market, vs. Fred, or one of those random clowns
    BacklinksIndexer - automated index/bulk links
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    Web2.0Backlinks - web2.0 creation/link building
    Google+ Matthew Anton
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    If you don't want to get your account banned - I would suggest you NOT:

    - use Vagex
    - Run any automated software
    - But any fake views at all.

    It's not guaranteed you will get banned, but those type of things run all types of Red Flags.

    Instead just:

    - Manually create the video
    - Optimize the tags, title, descript (also write a long descript and use all 5000 characters if possible)
    - Create engaging content
    - Build Backlinks moderately.

    Iv'e attached a video I just saw that will break ranking factors down even more. It's abt 17mns, but it's not boring and should help you more with your question

    YouTube Ranking Factors - Whiteboard Friday | SEOmoz

    Hope this works out for you

    - Martin
    How Can I help...
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      Got it, Im not gonna use vagex or fake views or tubeblaster or anything...

      I read the transcript to that video, that is something I didn't, know, that backlinks actually help rank a video within the YouTube search results?

      I always thought backlinks to a video just helped it show up in google not YouTube I didn't know that.

      Does anyone know how important of a ranking factor backlinks are? Let's say I have 20 videos, I wanna rank them all, how can I do this fast. Are there any good fiver gigs that would help? What kind of links should I build, article links, or social bookmarks or something?

      Edit: also, i thought that tube toolbox was safe, as long as you only use it for friend requests and subscribing to people's channels and not sending spam comments and messages?
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    You can rank videos on Youtube by embedding the videos to pages of website(s) with text or some sort of introduction or description about the videos.
    You might as well submit your video to Google using a Video Sitemap found at their Webmaster Tools site.
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    If you add genuine video i mean not copied including keyword. Then easily you can rank here no need of any online marketing stuffs.

    Wish You Happy New Year 2018 in Advance

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    Just do proper keyword research, Get some social signals from facebook, Make your youtube channel attractive for subscribers.

    Never try to get fake views otherwise your account will be on risk.
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      Getting a Video to Rank on Youtube & Google Videos
      has more to do with the Keyword Density not the views of the video.
      Use the Exact Keyword In your Title Alone - no extra characters.
      Use the Exact Key word again in your description several times
      and again in your tags. The shorter the description the more density
      your key word will have in the description.

      Also get a gmail account with your Keyword in it,
      then set up a new Youtube Channel with your Keyword again.
      This helps with Google seeing you as an authority in
      the subject (same keyword) and increases relativity.

      Ranking videos on the 1st page of Google is easier then
      getting a website ranked on the 1st page for these reason.
      I have videos ranked on Youtube, Google Videos and Google search.

      Once you have it ranked 1st on YT and GV, then you might need
      additional social bookmarking backlinks pointing to the video to
      deal with the competition of your Key Word, but 1st you have
      to get to the top of YT and Google Videos.

      Another thing more important then views for a video once you set up
      the VIDEO Keyword SEO is the number of likes, comments and favorites.
      You can get a fiverr gig for likes, comments and favorites and views combined which is more important then just views alone.
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    Originally Posted by phonetools View Post

    2. Buy fake view or some kind of YouTube gig on fiver. Does anyone know any good gigs that actually work?
    Fake view and *general* bot view doesn't work now. Because YT is focusing on higher audience retention. If you notice the search list well, you'll notice that popular music video with highly competitive keywords in the title ranks higher than the rest of the videos.

    One of my friends is working on this Indonesian band, Noah. The video clip get top rank for this keyword 'Noah" although the content of the video doesn't give any information about Noah. Even G gives high rank to this video

    This video ranks top because the fans just love to listen to the music.

    The key here is high audience retention, around 80-100%. If you want to buy such service, you may check out this gig. Just make sure that you turn off the ad, if there is, before buying the views. Otherwise, YT may ban your account.
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    I offer real views via my own network of loyal viewers. My gig: Real YouTube Views
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    You need

    1. Higher retention views. Increase your audience retention video up to 60.0%
    3. Comments(relate with keyword)
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    This is better technique...
    1. Use keyword in title TWICE
    2. Use keyword in description at 2% density along with LSI keywords
    3. Use keyword in tags along with the LSI keywords you found for the description
    4. Use high PR blog comments, social bookmarks and web 2.0 links
    5. Rinse and repeat.
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