My Facebook Like Count Took a Nosedive. Anyone Else?

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Just noticed that the FB like count on one of my sites dropped dramatically. One page went from over 700 to just over 200.

My like counts were obtained authentically; no software or purchased likes were used to inflate the number.

Anyone else experience this? Any possible explanations?
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    Wow that is a pretty drastic dive. I haven't experienced this even on my ones that I'm not active in.
    Are you 100% sure these weren't fake accounts?

    The reason I ask is cuz one of my fan pages I bought some likes on fiverr one time and was all pumped cuz I got 500 new likes for $5 but within about a week or so half were gone.
    That was a few months ago and haven't done it since.
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      Hey ninja,

      Nah my bro, no fake accounts. It's not fan-page related.

      I'm talking about actual "likes" that appear on my web site; the ones you get when in add the FB Like button code on your web site.

      At a complete loss over this one :confused:

      Originally Posted by Gengis View Post

      Are you 100% sure these weren't fake accounts?
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    Facebook is deleting accounts they deem fake. But there's a new phenomenon that can't be ignored - people are logging off and pulling out of FB. I notice that on European accounts. A kiwi friend also announced she'd closed her account a month ago...trend? I dont know. But might explain a little of your losses.
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    I read earlier today that they're carrying out a banwave on duplicates, fakes and cat (lol) accounts.

    Your page have anything to do with cats?

    Enjoy this promotion-free space while it lasts before I get wiser.

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    Unless you have changed the code and it's showing the likes for a different url, the only other explanation is the fake accounts thing. Whether you used fake accounts or not is irrelevant. All that matters is whether Facebook deemed them to be fake.
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    That happens to us as well
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    That is, indeed, a total nosedive.
    The reason could be one of those things wherein Facebook has mistakenly deleted or removed the likes from FB accounts that they deemed bogus. In this case, you need to contact them for an explanation.

    Another reason that gets into my mind is that you probably have never kept your fan base updated, or your site is a little outdated. Just a thought...
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