How to gain success using Facebook?

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I was wondering, how to use facebook for marketing and getting sells. Facebook ads seems costly and people say It is not that much costly if I know how to use it. I am really confused. Please share your ideas how I can use it for my business.
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    I guess you need to opt people in - else it is going to be less productive...
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    You can use Facebook for collecting contact information from your page and/or building a list of prospects. All you have to do is to embed an opt-in form on your FB or fan pageso that it would be easy for you to gather contact info of people who like or visit your page. In this way, you can get your FB contacts into your own email list.
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    Run as contest or a sweepstakes on your fan point your ad to it. Make it fan gated so that you can get a viral effect (about 95% of people will go through the fan gate). When they enter your sweepstakes, they must give there email address as part of there entry, this way you build a email list that you can market to later.
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  • Marketing people use Facebook as abridge to their website. By having a Facebook page and sharing details of your website to the said page, the chances of gaining more traffic to the website will increase because millions of people are using it everyday.

    Other business people use it as their business grounds. I've seen a lot of Facebook pages which are mostly about online shopping. They market/advertise their brands/products especially those tangibles (clothes, shoes, apparels etc...), and that's how they gain money through it.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    Using Facebook is very popular for businesses nowadays. There are many ways of applying Facebook successfully, here are some of them 32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business — Tech News and Analysis Posting paid ads you can choose the target specific groups, based on the personal info, provided in their profiles (location, gender, age, relationship status, etc). If you hesitate, you can always use PPC strategy. Remember to monitor results with the analysis tools that Facebook provides. One-off deals are probably the best to advertise, as people tend to pay attention to a discount than just a business in general on Facebook.
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    Engage with the users. Provide content that is sought after. Too much promotion of your products or services isn't treated well.
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    share the links and promote those, the face book ads are cheap compared to others, social media helps more in getting business.
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    facebook is the greatest social media today, it is of course very good to be a media of internet marketing. moreover if you have thousands or even millions friends on your account.. you just post the details of your business along with the informative and unique description of your business.
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      Yes, facebook ads seems to be very expensive and less result giving as compared to Adwords. In this case, you can go for a facebook page, and promote this via the following ways;

      1. Tell it to your friends and make them like on the page.
      2. Ask them to share the same with their friends.
      3. Make the page more attractive with images and informational things.
      4. Regularly update the page with your updates.
      5. Try to integrate some apps in that page, such as contests etc. That will be more helpful for page promotion.
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  • Facebook ads can be a good source of traffic and facebook pages can be another. Facebook ads are paid but if you can put some effort and build a facebook page with a lot of fans in it, it will be a bigger asset for you.
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    You can theoretically use Facebook for marketing for free if you run a really successful and popular page there.
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    One of the best things about using Facebook for your business is that you can create a ‘cool’ image. Branding is important in today’s aggressive and competitive business environment. Having a Facebook page makes your business appear hip and trendy, ready to go with the times. The ‘boring’ tag can be a disastrous for a business, especially if your target audience is the youth. By using Facebook, you project a very current and contemporary outlook. The dynamics of traditional business marketing have undergone a quantum shift. Keep with the times to make your business a success.
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    Facebook is not only social website but also a field of advertisement so you cant get opportunity by it for those purpose.
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    Actually, I also made a new account for my Facebook pages. I'm very particular about my online identity that's why I have a different e-mail address, facebook account, twitter account, etc. for my other business identity.
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    There are so many way for facebook advertise.
    You can shared some informative for free on your own page.
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    Use other social networking sites, this will help increase facebook popularity.
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    you can start from fans create page from your business..then hunt liker as much as possible....

    with Fans Page with more can promote your product to your list fans....List is Important...hehehe
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