I am not a member of Facebook. Should I be?

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I have resisted becoming a member of Facebook, because I really don't like their TOS. It seems however as I progress further in marketing, that I may not have much choice. While I am putting myself out there on the internet, I do have concerns about Facebook.

What are your thoughts? The good and the bad about Facebook.
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    yes now a days facebook is much popular way to promote any business ,and anyone make the member easily by filling a simple form.
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    Yes you can be the member...
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    Becoming a member of Facebook won't harm you. But you might as well get some benfit or at least some knowledge from it. Go ahead!! Register now.
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    actually for marketing, facebook is very important. For me, there's no real bad sides of facebook.
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    Its always said that "Take your benifit from every where". Facebook is the top most social community in world and best social site to leave links of your site and get traffic so why not to try??????
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    What don't you like about their TOS and what concerns do you have? Used right Facebook is a big marketing tool.
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    You shouldn't ignore Facebook business opportunities. It can bring you lots of customers' satisfaction and interaction, find new leads and promote your brand worldwide for free. Here are some more reasons you should know 32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business — Tech News and Analysis, 5 ways the new Facebook Pages can benefit your business - The Next Web
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    Facebook only knows what you tell it so don't tell it anything you don't want it to know and you'll be fine. I give them the most basic of info and don't post anything that might come back to haunt me.
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    Facebook is a bit of a fad IMO. It's not like you're going to launch a FB page and all of a sudden drive thousands of visitors to your site.

    Here's what you need:

    1. Your FB page needs to offer something that your regular site doesn't.
    2. Your FB page needs to be maintained by you or an employee.
    3. You need lots of patience!

    Personally I think that time and money is better spent elsewhere. People go to FB to connect with their buddies - not to buy stuff.

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    Social Media is more relevant today than say 2 years ago. So leverage FB as It has some good tools to keep the visitors engaged. However have a clear policy of what you will share. It will help.
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    Social media is the new web 2.0 which google is going to add to their search engine rankings in the very near future!

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  • FaceBook is a must-have while doing SMO and SMM. FB is not about getting suspects and prospects but to build your identity.

    Take example from the famous pages over FaceBook who don't just market their business/product/service but they post off-topic content to keep their fans interested.
    Success doesn't come in an instant, just like Rome wasn't built in a day.
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    pretty weird if you're an internet marketer and you don't appreciate the beauty of facebook to us

    if you're worried about the TOS part, why not create a fake account and start your marketing efforts from there - at least make it more realistic
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    Yes, you should join FaceBook..
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    If you hate their TOS. Then, it would really be hard for you to love Facebook. You cannot appreciate the benefits it can give to your business.
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      Thank you everyone who replied in this thread. Your posts were quite helpful.

      I think I should join Facebook. I have resisted so far, but it seems like this is something I should do.

      I do put myself out there, but I have never wanted to join Facebook.

      I was at a bar today having a few drinks and this guy comes in with a laptop and shows me all these people who he has met through Facebook, it was quite amazing to me. I see the power of Facebook and I see that perhaps I really should join.

      I will consider this for a few more days and probably join up.

      Thanks for the posts everyone.
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    facebook is great marketing tool if yuou want to really invest time (not just money) to build a relationship with your fans on a fan page.
    there is a huge number of social networks and all of them are good for marketing. however i stick with just few of them , like most known- fb, twitter, pinterest...don't be afraid of a possible saturated methods in facebook. there is a room for every marketer if you play smart

    “You can automate everything except content and relationships.”

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    facebook is gold
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    Yes, you can register yourself in facebook!

    There are no problems in registering yourself in FB. It's totally secured & you'll get a lot of fun from there!

    Go Ahead!!!!
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      I went ahead and joined Facebook. It looks pretty cool.

      I will have to get used to how to navigate around there, but so far I like it.
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    For better and for worse lol, welcome to facebook.
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    The Future of The Web
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      One reason why businesses use Facebook to promote their businesses is because of its advertising features. Facebook Ads allow businesses to create budget-friendly and customizable promotional campaigns that are targeted to a specific demographic.

      Facebook is free, easy to use and allows you to talk directly to people who are interested in your business.

      Facebook is great for creating your brand and instilling it into people's ideas about you. Creating a brand allows you to be more recognizable in the heavily occupied business world so it is important to be able to stand out.

      Entice, engage and invite customers to your business with a variety of marketing initiatives--promotions, contests, events, sales, special offers--which can all be advertised on your Facebook page.

      By including a link to your website on your Facebook page you are encouraging fans, friends or interested parties to visit your website, therefore increasing your web traffic--remember the more people to your website the better.

      Having a Facebook account not only allows you to "speak directly" to your customers but it also allows you to see what they think of you, your business and may offer suggestions for improvement.

      Find consumers who you may never have had contact with previously. Facebook has the ability to open up a new world of customers to you.

      It is time to take advantage of all these benefits.

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    Yes, You should become a member of Facebook. its very popular now a days and a great source of huge traffic.
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    If you own a business, you can connect with facebook to promote your business.
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    If you are in online marketing so must be on Facebook because it is required to interact with people and let them know about your product and services.

    In fact you can also be a member of other social networks like Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and Pinterest.
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    Originally Posted by mountain vision View Post

    I have resisted becoming a member of Facebook, because I really don't like their TOS. It seems however as I progress further in marketing, that I may not have much choice. While I am putting myself out there on the internet, I do have concerns about Facebook.

    What are your thoughts? The good and the bad about Facebook.
    We are marketers, looking out for our best interest and so is facebook. We can't control how they do business, we just have to find a way to play along with their rules if we find a space they can fill in the course of our business. For instance, I've had a hard time trying to get my ads approved in facebook. At a point I wondered if the guys that reviewed my ads really take time to read the copy and visit my LP. I wasn't able to get a single ad approved, at least not until I started studying live ads and copying their tactics.

    Heck! many people hate Google adsense but does that make them null the option when it sure fits? The SEO game changed a lot in 2012 but the truth is, 10+ sites must be displayed on the first page when Google is searched, and if so, it still deserves a chase because being on the first page is pure business.

    So I say you get on-board facebook and play along. Celebrate your 'wins' and let the losses (and the unfriendly TOS) be the fun
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    Try to be FB member. You may find some idea how to do marketing on FB.
    I just joined FB not long ago. And looking something from FB.
    Earn $1,037.69 in daily is NOT a big amount.
    I can show you how to do this.

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    Of course you should be a Facebook Member.
    You can promote your product/service on Facebook.
    A World Largest Marketing.
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    Yes,you much do it...........
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    Facebook is very important to support your business. You should join facebook
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