How can i montize 32K+ Fans in FB?

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Hello Warriors

Me and my friend have a FB fan Page of 32K+ Likes name is on City name and it's growing daily with hundreds of likes.

Can anyone tell me how can i monetize it.

90% users are from Asian Country and almost all are Active users not fakes ones.

Help would be appreciated thanks
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    It really depends what type of audience you have. What is the concept behind the page?

    In general, social media requires a very soft sell..surrounded by lots of community building posts. For example, one of my pages has about 80K fans. 95% of all my posts are interesting images within that niche. I do this to keep EdgeRank high, since images get the best engagement. Then, every once in a while, I sprinkle in one post with a coupon for an e-commerce website. I always make sure the coupon only lasts 48-72 hours, and is a decent discount to attract buyers. EVER time I post a coupon it is used a LOT! But I realize that this is only the case because my fans actually KNOW the coupons are few and far between.
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    Do a survey and find out what they are interested in? If the top answer is music, start shifting your focus that direction. Then after you put out some great content include affiliate links.

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      It all depends on the type of audience you all and what you are promoting as your brand. If you are doing it correctly everything else will come through.

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    Start building a list... then blast out CPA offers once in a while.

    (you can automate it by making a simple autoresponder follow up)
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    oh i see basically me and my friend created a NEWS type site which updated by us daily so we are thinking to drive traffic to it.

    And our site is totally on our FB fan page Majority Audience country so mostly news from that country.

    But when we post article url in fan page doesn't see much "Views" but when share Images it gains thousands of Views within some minutes.

    Help over it would be appreciated as we are thinking to monetize our site via Adsense or any other network.

    First is adsense we think so
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    I noticed facebook users are inclined to like reviews of products and services perhaps you can start a community of review based products.

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    you can post some cool images for your fans and then if you grab their attention and they like your images in huge amount then you can start a gig on fiver to promote others

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