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I have been running campaigns on FB and as long as my target url is a FB page I can get ridiculous low CPC. But when I change the target URL to an external website the clicks almost stop coming in and the price goes sky high. The difference is 1:800.

Is it supposed to be like that ?
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    Facebook wants you to promote their fan pages. It sucks, but it's true. Facebook can do some shaddy things. I heard one company using Facebook ads, tracked their clicks, and Facebook charged them for fake clicks they never received.

    I have found it better to promote to a fan page and then using facebook fbml app, redirect to a external website.

    Not always smiled upon by facebook, but you can still get approved. They basically look to see if you are using a fanpage url.
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    Hi Dain,

    what is fbml app? Can you tell me? I am newbie completely on facebook, I never seen any ads on FB.
    I'd appreciate if you reply me.

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  • It's true- facebook wants to KEEP their users ON THEIR SITE.

    This is why the CPC is so high if you have them leave Facebook.

    Basically, the best thing to do is to copy the code you have off site, and paste the code onto a business page so that it looks the same (and acts the same) ON FACEBOOK.

    That way you can have the same conversions/userability on facebook (if it's a squeeze page)
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