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by yasil
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Dear Mates,

I want to promote my website using "Twitter". I just posting my website using tiny url's. But I don't see any of the traffic from Twitter. I don't find any of the visitors from Twitter.

Please give me some suggestions and ideas that how to use Twitter effectively to get traffic and promote my website.

Thanks in Advance.
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    How many followers to you have? this the answer for your question.
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      Originally Posted by xela View Post

      How many followers to you have? this the answer for your question.
      I have nearly 800 followers. And if you know please tell me how to increase my twitter followers?

      My twitter name : @Smartyaz
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      Originally Posted by xela View Post

      How many followers to you have? this the answer for your question.
      yes..your followers is important...
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    Base my experience about using twitter to promote your site, you should be update daily what you have to share. Using this method, automatically you can add more follower and increase your website traffics.
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    Here's a reply I made on another thread.

    Make sure you post relevant content that your target market will be interested (and makes sure you add your personality.

    Here's the post:

    IMO if you're going to market using twitter you need something to automate the process.

    Twitter takes TOO much time manually. It's not worth the effort unless you automate it.

    Personally, I have used tweetadder and it works really well. You can spend 15 minutes a day to automate: adding 50 people, post 10 messages spaced throughout the day, and even automate unsubscribing from people who don't follow you.

    15 minutes compared to 2 hours.

    Build a market profile of your best customer.

    and then follow those who fit your best customer.

    Use hashtags.

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    You don't have to use tiny URL .. Twitter users see that as spam.. twitter implemented their own tiny url system which looks authentic. You need more followers!

    A Premier and Unique Dating Experience | NosyDating.Com

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    Yea the only way to get results from twitter is targeted traffic!
    Venom Software
    Craigslist lead scraper mailer/Linkedin Bot
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    I'm certainly qualified to answer this question with some authority, as I've built my twitter marketing business using.... well, twitter!

    The key is to position yourself on twitter as an authority, or a Maven of the market. With your thumb on the pulse of what's HOT your tweets shift from random bull-shit about the pancakes you had this morning, in to breaking news or the likes.

    Ask yourself, "Would my followers gain authority, or respect, or interest in themselves by retweeting this message?" Or "Whats in it for my followers to retweet this?"

    Start with that line of thought when composing your tweets.

    Also, consider using services to boost your retweets through their own networks, social exchanges and the likes.

    Of course, I urge you to look at my signature for answers.
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    get a plugin that post all your updates to twitter or use rss and twitterfeed
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    Make sure that you are posting relevant content and generate more followers try to keep updating on daily basis.

    Wish You Happy New Year 2018 in Advance

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    Hi yasil!

    In Twitter, you have to develop a brand. You have to make sure you are on top of the follower's minds. Just be different because this will separate you between your competitors of the same niche. Take note to focus on value. Do not syndicate posts for the sake of publishing it. Lastly, tweet with a sense of balance. Make a list of tips, jokes, or anything interesting.

    Hope this helps.

    Free Twitter Drip-Feed Tool Saves Time, Increases Market Awareness and Drives Traffic. Grab Your Free Account Today:

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    Hi Yasil

    The best way to drive traffic from Twitter is to add a blog page to your website, add regular posts to it that your target market will find useful and interesting and then post a link to them in your tweets. You need to think about the 'what's in it for them' factor when sending someone to your website - people probably won't be interested in a sales page immediately so a blog page with useful free info gets people to your website and while they're on it they may look around. The more useful blog posts you tweet the more people will get to know you're an expert in what you do and will be more interested when you do want to sell to them.

    Hope that helps.
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    Creating Campaigns on Twitter will be a nice idea. You can get targeted traffic as well. It is important that you create a proper campaign.
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