Is it worth buying fb ads?

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Has anyone of you have good experience with buying facebook ads for long term? I am looking to promote my project with fb, but not sure if it really worth spending money on it.
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    hi AndyLaws,

    I've spent XXXX on fb ads. You can get the lowest CPC if you drive traffic to a facebook fan page (internally) vs your external website. If this isn't possible you can still get a low CPC but the quality of the traffic is certainly questionable. We've run successful campaigns but noticed we had to change out our ads frequently to prevent banner blindness.

    If you have thin margins it's most likely not going to work, but if you have some wiggle room fb is one of the best ways to drive traffic (not as targeted as search but still worth it) to your offer page or business website.
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    i think fb ads work well. you can specific on your target. and its more cheaper than adwords
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    Fb ads are good for new sites
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    To me is create awareness for your products and services.
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    For what business do you want to try out FB ads? Some niches and businesses might not do well. But majority of niches should do ok if you target demographics properly and have attractive offers.
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    Facebook ads can work very well if your ads can attract the members. For example, most of the facebook users will not be interested in any kind of motor advertisement so in that case you should not advertise in facebook. I hope you have got my point.
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    It depends on what your promoting and how you do it. In my experience when I promote my fan pages I have huge success rates but with anything outside of that it's low.
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      For brand awareness yes and if you want to get sales with them then no. There is no buying intention. Nobody comes to Facebook for shopping people are there because they want conversation and interaction with others.
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        Fb ads are awesome! I have had great success using them.

        Here are some tips to help you out if you decided to use them:

        Facebook is very different from Google. Even if you haven't advertised with Google, Facebook'ers don't expect to land on a sales page. With that being said, here is how to increase your clicks and decrease your cost per click:

        1) It all starts with the picture.

        What might work from Google ads, will probably not work for FB. Two different places. One (mostly) expects to see sales pages and offers, the other (Facebook) doesn't. So if something worked with Google (if you used it), don't expect it to be the same with FB.

        Like many things, testing out the pictures is a MUST and is also the biggest part of your ad. Make it stick out, that is the biggest way to get eyeballs on your ad.

        2) Catchy headline.

        I love using questions. For example I am (also) in the building muscle niche so my headline might be:

        Can't Build Muscle? or
        Struggling To Build Muscle?

        3) Add to your headline.

        So for example if my headline was: Can't Build Muscle?

        My continuation sentence might be:

        You might be making the WORST muscle building mistakes
        Discover the WORST muscle building mistakes that you are probably making.

        Once again, once you clicks start to go down. Change the picture up. You will probably get more clicks.

        What does that mean?

        Obviously more chances of opt-ins (if you link to a squeeze page)

        And FB is going to like you = Price drops per click

        Hope that helps
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    If you are Not sure if using FB ads is a good option or not,then Just get a $5 FB Ads coupon of $50 value from Fiverr and test the campaigns.If all goes well,then keep campaigning.
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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      Originally Posted by Shubh Ashish View Post

      If you are Not sure if using FB ads is a good option or not,then Just get a $5 FB Ads coupon of $50 value from Fiverr and test the campaigns.If all goes well,then keep campaigning.
      How to get a $5 FB ads coupon of $50 value from Fiverr?

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        FB Ads work well and I recommend using them in your marketing mix. You should get some good results for a better price point than some other options. I would still use Adwords and other paid and free options too.

        All the best.
        FiveStead - Buy and sell small services and products.
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    Facebook's great to use - when I'm not using my own money.. So much testing is involved in successful FB campaigns that you really have to factor that in when you're considering cost per acquisition. On the ads that do work, they only have a shelf-life of a few days, then CPC/CPM shoots up again.
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    In our experience, Facebook advertising is great for building up a list of followers (so sending traffic to a Facebook page or app, but not so great if you're trying to direct link to a website.

    We've had good results in the past for using FB advertising for lead generation, but as mentioned already, you need to make sure to cycle ads frequently to avoid ad fatigue (about every 2 days).
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    Getting traffic for a new site from FB ADs and capturing leads are always working for me.
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    Yes, FB ads is the perfect way for you to gain targeted customers. The only problem is that you have to target the right people. If you plan right, FB ads will become a gold mine for you.
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      FB ads works good for websites generating traffic and business.
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    I never done this job but i read a lot about it that facebook ads are very effective way to get good traffic and business but i depends on your ad that in which style you make your ad. Therefore your ad should be attractive and informative then facebook users will visit your ad.
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