Twitter Followers and Getting Verified

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Hey Warriors,

Does anyone know anything about twitter?

How to get REAL followers?

How to get verified?

I follow a lot of the big accounts and it makes no sense, new pages are built and in 3-5 days BOOM 50-80k followers LOL crazy.

I would like some real answers, everyone is always calling themselves a guru and offering the best service but they dont have any social media themselves.

Here's an example of a big page: @AcneSkinSite This page gains so many followers fast, is there a way to advertise your twitter somewhere?

I'm interested in the acne niche, but there is so many big websites out there + this twitter account seems to be the biggest twitter in the whole world for acne, skincare and beauty.
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    1) Use fiver to buy duds -> this improves your follower ratio
    2) Use bridges like twiends to add followers
    3) Voila!
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    If you want real followers try
    Venom Software
    Craigslist lead scraper mailer/Linkedin Bot
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    1. create nice attractive profile
    2. buy few fake followers (usaully people prefer to follow people with big followers)
    3. add your account to twiends/similar sites
    4. buy tweets/msgs from real FB fan/twitter with big followers : follow my freind
    please today her/his birthday , want to send unique gift !
    5. there's BH methods like , likejacking ...etc .
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    if they're not active then it's not

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    same question, how to get "verified"
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      Originally Posted by shahbaz94us View Post

      same question, how to get "verified"
      Lol, I was once contacted by someone who wanted me to do a 'get verified' hack. I told him it was not possible. He said " Oh yes it is possible, its only a javascript hack'.

      I was speechless, because a javascript 'verified' hack is only deceiving the viewer on a html page. You cannot turn on the 'verified' flag in twitters database with it....and most importantly these fakes will show as not 'verified' on the REST & streaming API. I understand twitter verification are 'manual' and performed for someone with celebrity status, so that you can identify the real nicole.
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    You want real followers ? pay for it
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    Twitter do not accept requests for verification. If you pay for Twitter advertisements you will automatically get verified (Twitter Ads are very costly). However, for businesses set up in the USA, the advertisement platform is free hence why so many smaller businesses in the USA are verified. There has been talk that Twitter will be releasing free advertisements to the UK over the next few months.

    In regards to Twitter followers, you will not get genuine followers by buying them. Grow your followers organically by reaching out talk people and get them talking about your product/brand. Also look at the trends which you can now cleverly tailor to specific locations so you can see what people are tweeting about around you.... join in this conversation to make people aware of your page!

    Have you also linked your Twitter page to your other social sites and your website if you have one? This is another great way to grow your following.

    I hope this helps,

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    I know a website that supposedly offers twitter followers free, I highly doubt they are real, but it is always good to have a few fake followers. I used this bot for a free 13,000 fake followers, and it is asking me to update it and I am just too lazy, but the URL is Twitter Bot | Get More Twitter Followers - please let me know what you think about it.
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    Hey I can surely help you get real twitter followers and getting verified on twitter - Hit me up here skype : archixet
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