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I recently started promoting a Villa rental company on Facebook with the aid of a promotion they had launched. The promotion is - Get 3 free nights in one of our Villas. It is a lucky draw wherein one Fan will be randomly selected to spend 3 nights at a Villa. The promotion is worth $1500 and is valid for a whole year.

The ad says something around - like us to enroll in a lucky draw to win 3 nights in a 4 Bedroom Villa.

I started an ad on Facebook Ads last Friday with a $10 per day budget. So far I am spending $1.66 per like! This seems way too expensive especially given the promotion.

Iam using a CPM bidding model and targeting countries where their site gets the most number of visitors from. I am bidding 10 cents per 1000 impressions right now.

How much does it generally cost to get one like on Facebook Ads based on your experiences? My objective is to lessen the cost per like to about 1 - 2 cents.

Thank you!
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    In my opinoin it is better to use CPC than CPM. I always use Cost per click and it works for me.
    The cost for one facebook like? It depends on how your ad is. What you can do is set a lifetime budget of $100 and check the insight report that what age group spend more time on facebook and check if females like the page more or males. Then make a new ad and target your audience accordingly. $1.66 per like is too much it should not be more than 10-20 cents.
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    Yeah that's kinda high.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to use the "dollar in the tip jar already" method where you pay for junk likes, plenty of services out there so that others are attracted.

    Nothing worse than liking something and being the only one.

    As for paying yeah the CPC is probably too expensive. There are other ways to get likes that don't include using Facebook which is probably the most expensive way. Try other advertising services or other CPC that just link to your Facebook like page.
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