how to set up the advertising time on facebook?

by spen
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Hi guys,

I have a question. how to set up the advertising time on facebook?

I'd appreciate your reply.

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    What do you mean advertising time? The time the ad is displayed or the time the ad is approved?

    You can't decide when it's approved, that's all facebook.
    As for when it's displayed, there's not a way to set in advance "run from 6am to 4pm" .... you'd have to get up at 6am activate the campaign, then come back at 4pm and pause it.
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  • Spen,

    You can schedule start and end times for your ad to appear. After creating a new ad, go to the “campaign, pricing and scheduling” section near the bottom of the page. By default, “Run my ad campaign continuously starting today” is checked by default. Simply uncheck this box and you can select a specific start and end time for your ads (right down to the hour and minute you want them to start and stop).

    More info here,

    Scheduling Your Ad or Sponsored Story's Run Time | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

    Hope that helps,

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