How to Increases Facbook Fan Page Like ?

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Hi All Member

I want to increases my facebook fan page like. If you have any idea please share with me.

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    Relevant content, consistent posts.. Post on other Facebook pages, etc

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    Make sure that you are posting attractive content in your fan page. This is how you can increase your likes in your fan page.
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    Share more everyday.
    Create a twitter account for your page and follow people everyday.
    Connect it with your facebook so every post you make you also do a tweet on twitter.
    Maybe create a youtube channel if its in your niche.
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    Im currently building some pages to use for later.

    I started with paid ad's. Once you get the ball rolling, its more of a snowball effect. Honestly if you have the cash, put a bit into ads.

    But I have no clue what your page consists of or what the niche is. So take the above with a grain of salt. Ads may not be best if the niche/group doesn't respond.

    For me...I just started this afternoon and I have spent $40 on total for 2 separate fan pages and have 136 fans on one and 189 on the other. I already have some bids as low as $0.06 CPC. Also interact with them. I posted questions so people can converse with each other and I also add input. Most important thing is really good pictures and caption it correctly. You want them to WANT to share your photo as this also helps the snowball effect of more fans. Good luck!
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    Also, like other people mentioned, posting on other pages. But be careful. Last year I was using a Facebook account i made and I guess I stared looking spammy from commenting and liking other pages and got banned. If you do want to comment and like other pages, DO NOT act spammy. Best thing is to just not say anything about your page at all. Just post and like as a normal person and leave relevant comments. Just go after pages that are also related to your page.
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    Make sure that daily you are updating your fan page and also publish only genuine content.

    Wish You Happy New Year 2018 in Advance

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    Make sure your post is attractive and not longer......
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    If you need it fast and just to "show off" your like counter, you can always buy some fans to get things rolled.
    But if you need targeted like, i would set a "pay with a like" plugin. Unlocking plugin are ok, but you "force" your visitor to like while they haven't yet see the content of your page so it's a bit harsh to me...
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    That's a hard work, you need to be really reactive and always find some news to post. Pictures or videos can be also useful to gain some traffics, depending on your activity.
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      Alright here is what is working best for me:

      1) Posting pictures
      People LOVE pictures ... and what that means is that they are more likely to like, comment, or share (which is what you want)

      2) Include meaningful quotes with your statuses

      Quotes that relate to what others are going through is an easy way to pick up a bunch of likes and shares.

      3) Include your own page with the @ in your status updates

      It makes it easier for people to like your page.

      4) Provide a call to action
      Don't be afraid to ask for the like, comment, or share. The more I ask, usually the more I get.

      5) Interact with those that comment
      Use the @ tag again to respond to those that interact with you, and thank them for doing so.

      Overall the objective is to get as many people as possible to like, comment, and share because even more people will see your post / page = more fans.

      Also, when posting a status or picture ... use phrases like...

      "What do you think of this?"
      "Rate this picture"
      "Yes or no?"
      "Can I have your opinion..." etc

      Keep at it. Everyday more likes will come in and they seriously snowball fast.
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    Yes images really works ! You can share a "meme" ^^
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      Originally Posted by SimonMarius View Post

      Yes images really works ! You can share a "meme" ^^
      Memes are good for some niches such as humor. Infographics are better for content driven pages such as SEO or social marketing niches.
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    There is no alternative of attractive posts and huge invitation.
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    Keep engaging your visitors, give unique contents and try to use face book ads.
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    it's very simple,

    Fb developers plays with us (USERS) to get hundreds of followers, so I suggest play with the Facebook too.

    create a contest/ poll that requires them to like your page.

    I do that and it gives me a boost of traffic on FB Page.

    hope this helps.
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    Increase the number of friends in your friends list. Keep posting interesting at the same time informative posts frequently. The more you share posts, the more views you get an this inturn tends to increase the likes of your page.
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    First of all, invite your colleagues, partners and friends. Ask them to share your posts and participate in discussions. Enter different groups related to your field, write comments and start new topics, link to your page/website/blog. Publish videos and images on your fanpage/ Find an industry expert and ask to write a guest post or take part in your discussions. Cross-promote your page using other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+. Create a Facebook button on your website and put a link to your website on your Fb page description.
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    I think the "likes" are not worth anything. I read a study about how facebook likes dont convert to sales and how if you do get a real "like" not bought or paid for, that 90% dont even return to your fanpage again
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    Posts should not be too long.
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