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If I have a not so well known brand that I would like to promote via social media or social network, how do I go about and achieve this, apart from creating a fanpage?
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    twitter, but facebook fan page works the best.
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      Originally Posted by rain21 View Post

      twitter, but facebook fan page works the best.
      Facebook works really well for establishing a brand or product as it allows you to expand your posts and include much more information than possible on Twitter. Where as, Twitter is for short burst updates (such as 'check out this new post on my site, etc).
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    There are plenty of methods for increasing your brand awareness.

    Create viral content, it works really well. Set up competitions, lotteries and giveaways for sharing and liking, use facebook ads. Involve users into your campaign and make them share and retweet your posts as much as possible. Use seasonal and local topics/products/whatever. Deliver special codes/coupones and discounts for likes and sharings/retweets. Use sponsored stories and promoted posts, they do work well. When posting, try to tag other pages or accounts.
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    Well the key is first to know who your target audience is. Once you know that you will design content around that. The key is to get fans via viral content and facebook ads (optional but works well for many demos). Once you have the fans you need to continue to post content to keep the fans engaged. You're hope is that they share posts and their friends see their likes and comments so you grow out from that.

    Of course this is the cheap way to build a brand. You can do it the old fashion and often faster way and just media blitz it. But that can take millions depending on the brand.

    But remember you are unlikely to build a megabrand doing it the cheap way but you can build yourself up using that and later go big when you need to.

    Besides facebook you will likely want a twitter (retweet and message people who will have followers in your core group, beyond that similar to facebook), a youtube (viral video can build awareness fast but it is not always "brand" awareness - ex:Flea Market Montgomery, Rebecca Black, and Psy). You may also want to venture beyond the big 3 depending on what the brand is.

    Of course you will need a website (hopefully the brand has this) and maybe some micro sites (even the big brands do this). Consider a blog if it makes sense for the brand as well.

    This reply was very general because without knowing more about the brand it is hard to know what advice to give.
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    Right Araon.. You cant do it the cheap way. It's unlikely that you would succeed with investing. If you want to build a brand, gotta keep you pockets deep.
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      Aaron gave some great advice. I would make sure I had a website with good information and that tells your company's story.

      I would use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and some other social media networks to promote my brand and establish relationships with people interested in my company, product, service, content, etc. Hopeful these people share your content. I would have custom pages and backgrounds that represent and promote my brand.

      If a blog makes sense, I would add one to the mix and publish helpful and useful content that my visitors, followers, etc. would benefit from in some way.

      Viral content will bring the noise, and like Aaron pointed out, look at Psy or even Justin Bieber. People love video content and many company's today look to video and YouTube to build their brand and increase awareness for their company, products, services, etc. Pinterest is taking off because its like Twitter in the sense your sharing a message, but in Pinterest the message is richer because it includes an image that speaks volumes above text.

      All the best in using social media to promote your brand awareness.
      FiveStead - Buy and sell small services and products.
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    Again this all takes money..try twitter
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    Depending on the brand, Wanelo might be a good choice to get into. It's like Pinterest but everything is a product.
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    Make use of different social media like twitter, facebook and google plus wherein you can freely put your link and description of what your website/product all about.
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    No one seams to have touched on the big obvious brand builder...Celebrities.

    I'm not talking Brad Pitt here or anything; but your niche has celebrities and well know personalities, probably around the level of a Gary Vaynerchuk in wine.

    Reach out to them. Get to know them. Help them however you can. Maybe there's a few big players in your market who've never managed to meet. Set up a call or pass along an email address from one to the other. Something... just get on their radar.

    Once you're on their radar and you've talked about them till THEY are blue in the face, the conversation will drift to you. (Think of any dinner party you've ever been too.) Once they ask, nicely and in a non-salesy way tell them about your brand and how it benefits your mutual niche.

    With any luck, at this point, they'll be interested in getting involved with you. It could be anything from a post on their blog, an interview, whatever....

    Once you've got that, you've got the attention of your niche. Customers will likely start seeking you out and it'll be much easier for you to connect with other high profile "celebrities" in the niche and do the whole thing over again.

    Celebrities give you the affinity with your market that you're really looking for. That "coolness" factor that can only be bought if you've got millions to spend on endorsements... and you can do get it for free if you're willing to put in the hustle.
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    By using the Pinterest you can increase brand awareness and also with nice and unique pics for the result you can check it out. Twitter, Facebook and Googleplus also good.
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    Originally Posted by firebreed View Post

    If I have a not so well known brand that I would like to promote via social media or social network, how do I go about and achieve this, apart from creating a fanpage?
    Creating a Facebook fanpage just opens the doors to getting brand awareness. You need to use the right media to gain branding through social media. The fact is, images are the most shared content within the social media. My advice would be to publish any sort of images related to your niche with including your business logo on them. As the image spreads virally in the social media, your brand would also be getting shared. Infographics are the best to use as well.
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    Apply offline marketing basics on social media marketing. First is to create a solid product/service that give a huge impact on your target market. Give them an experience that they would be talking about over Facebook or Twitter. A third party recommendation or shout out is one of the best promotions you can get. But of course, you can work on your online presence through popular social media/networking sites. Keep these updated; interact with your contacts/followers through comments/replies. Share relevant content from yours and other credible sites. Befriend people and be consistent with your posts.
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    The things you may try for promoting your brand via social media websites: post in groups and link to your fanpage/website/blog, participate in questions/answers like Quora, LinkedIn answers, Yahoo answers etc, post images and video, use SEO keywords in your company description, make quizzes, start your own group, search for industry experts and ask them to participate in discussions you open.
    Also, apply social bookmarking websites like Reddit or StumbleUpon, register on several popular blogs and become an influencer there...And of course, creating the fanpage you've asked not to mention is very important.
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    Employ social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google 1+, Pinterest and Instagram.

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  • Producing and distributing interesting content.
    Working with your traditional PR team/agency is vital in any plan for building brand awareness.
    Wether you run a twitter giveaway or facebook competition or a simple website download, rewarding people for engaging with your brand can be very beneficial.
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