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I'm about ready to begin my marketing campaign I'm curious if I should start off using Facebook or Google+. Can someone provide me with a little advice?

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    I would personally target Facebook first since it has a larger population base and probably higher % of users who would fit in your demographic/target area.

    Google + is good but is a smaller community and may not have as many people spending time on it/clicking on ads.

    Just my 2 cents.

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      Facebook has a lot to offer in the way of marketing right now. But don't be so quick to ignore Google +. Think about if you would have got in on Facebook when it was fairly new. Where would you maybe be right now with a Social Media Geared Business? That's the opportunity I think Google Plus is offering to those right now who venture into how it can work for them. I have a nice Google plus training video about an hour and 40 mins of how to use it and the opportunities it presents to us marketers. If you are interested just PM me and I'll get it to you. Totally free by the way, if that helps
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      Originally Posted by neighborhub View Post

      I would personally target Facebook first since it has a larger population base and probably higher % of users who would fit in your demographic/target area.

      Google + is good but is a smaller community and may not have as many people spending time on it/clicking on ads.

      Just my 2 cents.
      facebook i would say is your knight in shining armor, especially when you take advantage of its advertising system. its super easy to target your particular niche.
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    I recommend Google+ over Facebook for marketing. On G+ you can send to "extended circles" while FB is only seen by people who already know you. What's your new venture? I'd like to take a look.
    --Phil Taylor

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    If you want to gain relationships and network with others in the industry, Google+ is your best bet in my opinion.

    If you are looking to create a community page in a specific niche or start advertising, I am having a great time with Facebook and the potential is crazy. Plus you can always push your Facebook followers onto other platforms later (twitter, google+) if they are loyal

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    I think most of people in Facebook not buyer. But people search something in Google because they need something. I like Google to promote my website.
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    Well, I'd say that as a serious social media marketer, you need to use them both at the same time.

    Personally and professionally, I start with Facebook. The both have there ups and downs but I personally believe people spend more time on Facebook than Google+. I realize its an older study but check out Google+ Users Spend 3 Minutes Per Month There, ComScore Tells WSJ

    What I personally do is setup my Facebook page. Get all the photos, like gates, reports, and posts up. Depending on what you're promoting, you want to start with your page. Then build your community. Lastly, create an interactive FB group around it.

    At the same time, move content over to Google+ and slowly create your circles. The two can work together. I spend more time promoting on Facebook because I've noticed more ROI there than Google+. Eventually, you'll build and Google+ fan base to the point that you can target certain people with specific offers.

    Trust me... its worth it in the end.

    With all marketing, you need to start looking at it programmatically and long term. You should focus on not only selling your product but building your brand. Hootsuite or some other social media managers can help greatly with this...

    Just my opinion but I hope that helps.

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    Still G+ is more popular than Facebook. But G+ has a good possibility to break the records.
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    I use both networks as per the demand. Which is more suitable for the brand awareness. And I think G+ is better than the facebook now a days...
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    Google+ has recently increase popularity. Especially if you add the author tag to your site, it can help to improve your ranking on Google. You can use any social network and get good results. The main rule on any social network is to share good and interesting content. So you will over time gain the confidence of visitors and achieve the ultimate goal - turning them into customers for your products and services. Just be consistent, regularly publish content, patiently building a community, and the results will come.
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    I agree with Danny0808 that Google+ has definitely got some big runs on the board since it released it's authorship markup, however Facebook is still (imho) far more powerful from an application integration perspective that helps businesses grow by offering more rich services directly from it's Facebook business page.
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      I would recommend using both. Both are great social media networks to use for your business. I would recommend customizing your background, pages, images, etc. and interlinking / cross linking your content between the two.

      All the best.
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    G+ is Powerful............
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    Both, but focus on FB first. It's just too large to ignore and great advertising available in it.
    But you can't ignore G+. With Google's reach, they own youtube, if you do video marketing, and who knows how much more importance the Big-G puts on G+ activity and links over FB.
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    I would recommend using both. This the best social media. and other i use instagram, twitter and pinterest...
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      Facebook and it's not even close. Facebook destroys any other social media site in popularity. You can make a great living doing nothing but marketing on FB because everyone and their mother has a FB account and checks in several times a day there. I've practically let my Twitter and G+ accounts die because of the results I can get from FB. I got an SEO boost from G+ but other than that its practically worthless compared to the ROI I get from FB.
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    It is very to difficult to judge between google and facebook.As both of them have very nice features.but as far as from people point of view facebook is very preferable.Nowadays everybody is using facebook.They are become habitual to it.
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      Originally Posted by CyborgX View Post

      It is very to difficult to judge between google and facebook.
      No. There is nothing difficult about it. Google+ is dwarfed by FB. Aside from networking with bloggers and SEO value, FB destroys G+.
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    Facebook has advantages for total member amount....and Google+ more targeted...i have try it although no long...i'm not expert for Google+....

    you can start from facebook
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    Honestly, I have done some FB ads and I can tell you its a waste of money... there are hundreds if not thousands of FB BOTS clicking away inside the ads, I tracked most of the FB clicks to GA and it shows a huge difference in CTR. Clicks that I paid for in FB did not even show up in GA... I would suggest doing some adwords and least GOOGLE has a security measure in place for click fraud as FB does not.

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    Google+ is mostly full of marketers, so you you would find it hard to promote regular offers on there like starbucks gift cards and so forth.

    You may do well with offers targeted specifically to marketers, but g+ is harder to market on than facebook.

    There are hundreds of ways to abuse facebook... G+, not so much
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    You can have them both, however much better to do it first in Facebook as you can reach wider network compare to Google+. Facebook is the top 1 social networking as of now.

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    I strongly recommend you do both. Facebook is the champion when it comes to social networking, so you shouldn't miss it for the world. With Google+, your likes will earn social shares and strengthen your website SEO-wise, so you should likewise set it up.

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    Facebook is very much crowded. But Google is also getting popular day by day.
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    Both, use a tool like Hootsuite and post to both. Its easy. Google+ is indexed by Google, while Facebook is not (currently).
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      Originally Posted by HorseStall View Post

      Both, use a tool like Hootsuite and post to both. Its easy. Google+ is indexed by Google, while Facebook is not (currently).
      Yup. Hootsuite or a social media manager will definitely help. Its easy to post to both at one time with Hootsuite.

      Well, the second statement is sort of true. Google does index Facebook pages just not that quickly. Google will use any social media accounts associated with a keyword to rank something. In 2010, Google and Bing admitted that social media profiles/pages will influence page rank.

      Currently, Bing has a partnership with Facebook and will index Facebook faster. So, Note that Bing is currently indexing Facebook extensively. Google is being slow to index because of the changing Facebook privacy policies.

      Although Bing doesn't own as much market share, its definitely a search engine you shouldn't ignore. Google Smashes U.S. Search Market Share Record, Closes in on 70% - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

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    I think that Facebook is more impotant and needed than G+

    as you facebook is very population and it has a million of Target people !

    so you can easily now what is The best !

    but also G+ can be good for your Own busseniss !
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    I focus on Facebook for social media. It brings better results than G+, i think Google needs to work more regarding usability.

    The problem with FB is that are too many data on user wall, is good for those that use it every day.
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    Facebook is more easier to marketing. Google+ is some kind of low time value for Google has tougher rules than facebook.
    Like swap or exchange is not allow by google.
    our exchange site likemode has cancel google+ exchanging.
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    facebook first, then G+.
    better to use both if you can.
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    check the numbers out in the introduction with this free wso below
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    That would depend on your market. As for me I do both, its like hitting two birds at the same time. Although it takes too much time but the returns are just more than satisfaction guarantee
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    We prefer Google+ but that comes more from targeting a heavy B2B market.

    However, we do dip into Facebook on occasion (usually when one of our clients wants a social media element in their marketing).

    FB has been getting a pretty bad spotlight recently though. Just this morning, the feedback from one of my senior colleagues only affirmed this by saying they can't measure the results very well.
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    What are you promoting?

    If it is IM related or B2B, go G+. That type of crowd hand out there and due to lack of popularity G is warm to marketers at the moment or so it seems. Take advantage of it and make some though if you can. As they get popular, that door will be shut.

    For main stream products, FB. You will need some budget to do it properly, more testing etc. Also you might lose money and patience if you don't know what you are doing. But that could be true for any platform.

    My .02 cents


    This is my signature!

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    Google+ is the single most important social media platform everyone simply has to be on.

    They have invested millions in to this project and they are falling over themselves to encourage people to start to use it more.

    You get content indexed within minutes and you can set up author mark up that links all of your content to your profile and that gets your image in the search results.

    This has been proven to boost traffic by up to 300%.

    The future of SEO is how we all engage within our own niche, Google+ is the perfect platform and those currently taking real advantage are having great results.
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    Google+ is not quite frequent yet. I don't myself use G+ in great extent. Facebook still works fine for me.
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    I like Facebook than Google+. Though Google+ is better than Fb.
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    Google+ is more preferable to me than anything else.
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      I have always used facebook myself but I know I should also be using this new kid on the block google +. I can't seem to get the hang of it though, with the adding to circles and hangouts etc, but I must admit I haven't spent too much time trying to learn either. So it's back to the classroom for me I think
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    Why do you not promote your product on both FB and G+? No doubt that FB is bigger right now, but again just a few years ago Internet Explorer was a giant, until Google started to promote Crome.
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    This is a Great thread. From a personal point of view, I use both google+ and facebook the sameway, by posting updates, usually by way of a blog posting.

    The difference between the two, is that with google, you can actually reach more people by sharing with others in your circles, whereas with facebook, you can only post an update, that doesn't go that far.

    Applied Education is the difference

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    Facebook is definately the better choice,at least for me.
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    It was announced very recently that Google+ has overtaken Twitter. Food for thought.
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