Why You're Failing To Make Money With Facebook

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One of the biggest reasons people fail in making money with facebook is they don't have a fan page. Here I've stated a few benefits of having a facebook fan page. Take a look at them and decide yourself whether you should consider to have one or not.

Great Social Media Tool

A Fan page is just another great social media tool that you can use to grow your social circle, interact with your prospects, and promote your products, efficiently. If you're planning a marketing campaign for your business then you should consider using facebook fan page as an SMM Tool.

Big Dogs Are Using Them

Almost all big brands and companies are using fan pages to promote their business and make a database of loyal customers. These days social media tools, like fan pages, are essentials of a successful marketing plan.

Why would the big dogs put their nose where there's no money?

Many people take big brands as competitors they can't beat but, in fact, you've got a great advantage over big brands in social media marketing.


Build a Relationship

Social media sites like facebook are great way to make personal relations with customers or prospects. Unlike big brands you, as an individual, can build relationship with prospects quite easily and effectively. Just keep this golden rule in your mind that people love to buy stuff from people they know and like.

Tell your story, share your passion and invite them to participate in discussions are some of the best ways to get them know you and build a strong bond with them.

SEO Benefits

Nowadays having a fan page is mandatory for every entrepreneur. It's not only helps you in building a social network but also gives you an advantage over your competitors who haven't created the one yet.

Leading search engines like Google and Bing not only index fan pages but also give them importance and show them in search results as well.

Fan pages can also used for SEO purpose. A link back to your business website via a face book fan page can be of great importance to your website SEO and could help you rank higher in search engines.

Engaging Customers

You can use a fan page to interact with your customers. A survey says that people spend most of their time on social media sites. By using a fan page to let your customers interact with each other is a best way to expand your business and build loyal customers.

Facebook provides you with amazing apps and tools that you can use to allow your customers submit their testimonials, queries and questions, and talk about the products by interacting with each other.

Quickest Way To Update

Are you tired of a not responding email list? Did you ever face a scenario when you send your list an email with an offer that would expire in 24 hours etc and didn't get enough click-through.

Most of the time the best offers failed to generate good click-through rate (CTR) just because you list don't open their email to find that offer. Using a facebook fan page you can overcome this problem to greater extent. You may post an alert on your facebook fan page that you've sent a special offer via email, to the list, and they should check this out as it will expire soon. Using this strategy can dramatically increase your CTR.

This is just one productive way to use fan pages.

Drive Traffic

Linking fan pages to your website is not only good for getting SEO benefit but also helps in driving traffic to your business website. There's no restriction on placing your website link in fan page.

Traffic from fan page is usually highly targeted and interested in your business therefore even small number of visitors, everyday, could be very beneficial for your business.

It's Free

So if you haven't created a fan page, yet, then you're missing a vital marketing tool that you can take advantage for free.
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    Thanks for the share, I also think facebook is a awesome marketing tool... It reaches a wide audience and you can also update it quick and easily. Nice Job!

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    Making money in this tough market is so much hard work. So this kind of tips would be very needy for us. Thanks for the share.
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    Great stuff, I couldn't agree more with you. But Fanpages aren't as easy or as free to maintain as before. Since the edgerank update, less people get your feeds and advertising is almost close to mandatory.
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    I'm not getting any authentic link to work with. I got one but after working one day I found it fake and not responding. They have just gained some likes from my account.
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