Made my Facebook page, now how do I get likes?

by jimvol
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Pretty much what the title says, how do I get likes? My page is


If you want to see it. Mostly, I need to get traffic here and I am not sure how. Lol

Any tips would be great!
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    Hi there, there are a lot of things you need to get traffic to a Facebook page. Paid advertising, or other social media channels - or through your website/blog.

    The essence of social media is conversation. Think of chatting with someone on a bus. You have five minutes to keep them interested. The next time you're on the bus, they come and sit by you because you were nice to talk to.

    Because social media is all about entertaining people. That is when they like you. If they like your blog post, they will tweet, pin or like it. If they don't ... they won't.

    Oh, and don't forget to ask them to like you ;-)

    Hope this helps. M.
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      Facebook Ads

      Great Content

      Engagement & Conversation
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        Originally Posted by CarstenK View Post

        Facebook Ads

        Great Content

        Engagement & Conversation
        What type of Facebooks Ads do you find to be the most helpful?
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          I started out with a classic ad that redirects people to my custom tab with a fangate and optin form. That has worked pretty well for me.

          I also promoted a Post about my optin offer some days ago and have gotten some good results. Promoted Posts are shown to fans and friends of fans. So If you have a bigger community, it will become really viral.

          Today I started a Facebook Offer that is again targeted to increase my email subscribers. I'm gonna see how that works out.

          If you are serious about getting started with Facebook Fan Pages & Ads I suggest you take a look at Amy Porterfield's course "FB Influence". That really helped me!
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          Originally Posted by Saito View Post

          What type of Facebooks Ads do you find to be the most helpful?

          The best ads are a catchy status that has to do with a funny pic. Promote it and you will get likes to your page...

          What works for me, personally, is creating a catchy status that has to do with someone's problems generating leads like

          "Aren't you tired of your business being at a standstill...all because your friends and family care less about joining you? Stop bugging them and watch this FREE Facebook Marketing Webinar. Learn how to discover the goldmine hidden in your FB Timeline" Then I'll put a link to it (usually towards the top of it) post a nice big pic to go with it...and then I make that my fb ad

          Bc when they click the ad, it will go to my page. They will see that status pinned to the top and if you have good content on your page, they will like it to see what more you have to offer.
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    You can import your contacts to your facebook page and send out invites, you can use sites like twitter to post updates to your fanpage, post a youtube video about your page and send it to your contact list.

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    I have my own page with 7.2K likes and growing. Here are some of the techniques i used:
    ~Invite all your friends and family, they will naturally want to help you.
    ~Add your link to any available forum signature.
    ~Pay for advertising space on other pages or websites.
    ~Do share for share, like for like, mention for mention with other pages with similar niches.
    ~Use Facebook ad campaigns (they're good at getting legit likes).
    ~Use places like Fiverr to gain mass likes.
    ~Comment on page's statuses within the same niche.

    I hope those are of some help to you and any others who are interested.
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    Originally Posted by jimvol View Post

    Pretty much what the title says, how do I get likes? My page is


    If you want to see it. Mostly, I need to get traffic here and I am not sure how. Lol

    Any tips would be great!
    The fastest way to get likes is to try to find something that really goes viral. Once that happens you will be swimming in likes.
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    If you don't like paying for advertisment you could search for other pages with many fans in your niche and make useful comments on their page being logged in with your fan page. Some people will check your page and if you have good posts they will like it.
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      If you are after quality likes and likes from people who are genuinely liking what you have on offer then you will have to do something outrageous which could go viral, alternatively you can start by sharing with your friends, advertising on Facebook, post regularly good quality content, use a Call To Action (i.e. Like this page), competitions and make use of visual content (pictures / video). To get you going buy some initial likes on Fourerr, check out the Top 10 of Best Selling gigs in January 2013 and you can find some good Facebook like providers.

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      Unfortunately these are not REAL likes or FANS! They will add nothing to your Fan page except possibly an illusion of activity.

      Originally Posted by ayu2013 View Post

      you can buy 1000 LIKES to your FACEBOOK fan page on
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    Great title catch the eye of everyone, like a hot topic
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    I use facebook ads after making a post to fanpage there is an option at bottom of post to promote post. I find promoting ones with pictures does really well for bringing in more fans. I also add "Please Like and Share" at top of all images posted - a call to action to share.
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    Mrre tricks for gaining fans is switch to fanpage and use facebook as the fanpage. Next goto all the related pages and like and comment in their posts. This also a very good way to get people liking your own page. The key is make relevant comments dont say "great story", add value.This method is free money wise but costs time.
    Another money free way is to sign up on any forums related to your topic and use your fanpage as link in your profile. Next, view other members profiles (most forums show recent visitors to your profile), most people will in turn check out your profile and some will even click through to your fanpage.
    Next way is invite all your friends, I use a script from invite all fb friends, best part about this is many of your friends will join and also reshare some of your posts getting you more exposure and likes.
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    Yep it's always tough at the start.

    Get all your friends and business friends on there first.
    Then start liking a whole lot of pages that have your target market in them.
    Next start posting great content with "call to actions" of asking ppl to share and comment.
    Now start becoming active on other pages as your page. meaning posting from being signed in as your page, not personal profile.
    Now i would do some ads and keep posting great content that will make people want to know more about your business and page.
    Next you can partner up with other pages to cross promote.
    Then i would run a contest for massive traffic.
    You would also want to collect emails and build your business list and have a backend in place to start making that moolah asap.

    Hope that helps
    Still struggling with Facebook...

    Finally Revealed! The Stupidly Simple Tricks That Force Your Fans To Build Your Pages For You...

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    Invite others to like your page. Another tactic I like is have a contest and state if you get so many likes you will draw for a prize.
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    Invite your friends to like it.

    If it isn't worth sharing with your friends, then it's time to rethink your idea.
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    1) Use the "suggest to friend" feature located in panel
    2) Post to family & friends wall
    3) Post it as your own personal status telling people to take a LIKE
    4) Tell your friends to post it as their status, telling their friends to LIKE
    5) Go to active pages, comment on their status's/wall - directing to your page.
    6) Put your Facebook on your website if you have?
    7) Share your Facebook on Twitter if you have one, broadcast on BBM, WhatsApp etc.
    8) If you play any online games, tell your friend within those games to LIKE
    9) Extend your social network on Twitter & direct them to your fan page
    10) Rinse & Repeat all the above.
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    Post photos and tag people.
    There is also an applications called quick hits for more page likes.
    Solo Ads Provider
    Make $1k Per Sale => Join Here <=
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