Youtube Hot Mess - Can you help!

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I have been away from IM for more than 1 year and have decided to "get back" on board.

I have 2 youtube accounts, but the videos are all mixed up. What I mean is the accounts contain videos that treat vastly different subjects. What is the best way forward?

1) To create a brand new account that only deals with one subject at a time?
2) Among the mumble-jumble, some videos have had a decent amount of viewings. Shall I recreate them in the new account?

Your views on the matter will be greatly appreciated
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    I recommend that you make a new account, branded for one subject. I have tried doing a variation of videos on one channel and it doesn't work out as well.

    If your videos are high quality I recommend you just download them and upload them to the new channel. But if their not you should re-make them so they are.
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    I second Isaiah, and would just like to add something. Branding includes choosing a relevant account name. Try to make it a relevant keyword or keyphrase. In my experience, I believe it helps ranking your videos!

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