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I wonder if anyone has a good idea or knows a professional who could produce a viral video for our project - Security Software for Social Networks

I am looking for something that will work - obviously the first anumation we created - visible on the front page- is not working in a sense that nodoby shares it on Facebook.

Can anyone put me in some sort of a direction,

many thanks,

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    You can try fiverr, odesk ,

    there are thousands of professionals there who can actually create videos for these kind of projects.

    You can also post a project here in the warriors for hire section.

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      I've taught this for years in coaching programs and speaking engagements. What makes a video go viral is emotion. That's it in one word. If your message is funny, inspiring, enraging, controversial, even gross, or if it's especially beautiful or moving, or surprising or thought provoking, people will share it. Why? Human beings share things that make them react emotionally to something... because they want to be the one to make their friends react. I feel significant when I share something you don't already know about. Telling you about a new Thai restaurant or a great new movie gives me subconsciously a sense of significance. People will share a video if they think it will make their friends laugh or react strongly in any way, even if it's just clicking "like."

      The second most important thing in a viral video is it has to be unique. There has to be an aspect of it, the message, the delivery, something about it has to be fresh and "novel."

      The video on your website is well done, but to be honest, it's the typical "explainer video." There's nothing emotionally moving, or novel about it. There's not reason for me to share it with anyone. My advice would be to find a half a dozen viral videos you really like, that you would be tempted to share yourself, and look for commonalities between them. Find an idea or two for a new message to create a video and show your ideas to your designer (someone who understands viral marketing and not just video design and animation).

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