Run FB ads for customer without them seing what I'm doing

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I'm about to set up a Facebook service where I set up pages, run ads etc etc for my customers. What I'm worried about is that the customer can just cancel my business when everything is up and running and take it over themselves. How do I avoid that? I want them to pay me a recurring monthly fee for me to do this for them, but what stops them from cancelling everything as soon as it's set up?

It's pretty simple to set myself as the top admin for brand new pages that I set up and then only give my customers posting privileges (i.e. not allow them to see what I do in the ad department), but what about customers that already have a Facebook page? Is it any way to set it up so that they do not see what I'm doing? If I as an admin set up campaigns for these pages from my own Face account, will they be able to see the campaigns in the admin panel at all?

Something else - what pricing model would be best to go with? I would off course take a fee for setting everything up, but should I take paid for every new liker, everyone that clicks their way into their Face page or something else? What if I take paid for every new liker, and then suddenly maybe the statistics will flatten out and then I will make less money. What do you think?

And what about the size of the company; I wouldn't want to take paid as much from smaller companies as bigger ones(?)
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    as of running ads from your account, No they wont see your ad stats because it's ran by you and from your own account.

    All you do, get admin permission on that page and start driving traffic to the page. If you an get them to sign some sort of agreement paper where you state the target, whether it's getting x amount of Fans or what ever.. so they can't walk away with out a valid reason.
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    What I'm worried about is that the customer can just cancel my business when everything is up and running and take it over themselves.
    What can you do? Nothing. Not one thing. So let them go. That's it. When they realize just how hard it is to run a Facebook page or advertising program is the time when they come back and re-hire you.

    That's when you ask them if they want to join your waiting list.

    Got it? Advertising in any medium is actually very hard to do properly. Getting it wrong is extremely easy. Anyone who walks away will regret it, guaranteed. Unless they are playing at your level. In which case they will have discussed the matter with you first. Because those people who really appreciate the sales you generate for them don't let you go easily.

    What's more, someone who is playing at your level might not have the time - or simply doesn't like that end of the work. Ideal for you as you get fantastic feedback/co-operation from them and so can do your work the better. Believe me, they are your star clients. They bring the most money and the most appreciation.

    Oh, and one thing I hear time and time again is that the customer wants to learn what you do. Fine, teach them. Five years later, they're no longer interested because it's so darned difficult.

    So just let 'em off the hook!

    Let them see what you do too, it doesn't make your thinking any more visible, does it? Because you are selling your thinking abilities, not the number-crunching aspect of social media. The data-entry level of software design, so to speak. Believe me, you will discover just how special your talents are.

    Charge accordingly.
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      Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post

      ...let them go.
      Exactly! Actually very sage advice throughout that post.

      The thing to realize is you are sabotaging your own success by worrying so much about an unlikely worst case scenario anyway. Spend your energy on getting clients. Do an amazing job for them, and they'll stick with you. Even if they don't, you don't care because you can always get more clients.

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    Ok, got it. You're probably right, I worry too much

    But what about price model? "Charge accordingly" can mean a lot, depending on the business I offer my services to; I wouldn't charge $3000 a year from a small business, you know, and maybe I would charge even more working with a big business.

    I was thinking about charging a startup fee, a regular monthly fee and then a fee per liker. What do you think? I would off course read about the companies before I talk to them to figure out how much I can charge without being too expensive.
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